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December Editorial

The Historical References of SS.
by Onimaru

One thing I love so much about SS is its historical inaccuracies mixed with it realism
case in point Galford living in San fran circa 1789 and being American and according to the NEO geo manual of part one a trained KOGA ninja.
Well if you do your research a bit in 1789 the United States had just ratified its constitution and San Fran was part of Spain till 1820 and him being a traind koga ninja well to explain that I have proposed a theory that he is the son of a christian missionary with a japanese mother and she was a koga ninja. Fact most of Koga's assassins in the tokugawa shogunate were women. So Galford is A. Spanish and actually perhaps part Japanese. 2. most citizens of San fran was of Aragon and Catolonia. being a spaniard, its customary to have your province included in your name
so it would be Galford De Aragon. so Galford is not an american ninja he is a Spanish Ninja....Just like Vega but Galford is cooler.

C.K.'s Note

Hmm... "the son of a christian missionary with a japanese ninja mother"? hmm...interesting theory.

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