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Vile Spirits
by AJC the samurai

Chapter 5: Burning flame of love stolen

Rimururu ran from her home she was bent on finding Shizumaru and Roy Hoadaci "Shizu my love please hold on i'm coming" She was in tears the one who she had secretly loved had been taken from her and she wasn't going to wait for the others to find him she would search her world and the connected world malki up and down till she found him or Roy...

She gets tired and takes a rest

"Forgive me sister but i won't stand for it i won't stand waiting for Roy to make the first move.." she begins to lay down but she gets picked up by the nape of the neck "Gosh i have me a youngin doesn't matter they all feel the same well little girl are you ready to lose your chastity" the vile man goes to rip Rimururu's outfit but a swish of the sword is heard and a hand drops to the ground "AHH MY HAND!!" the bandit screams dropping Rimururu another swish is heard this time the bandits head rolls on the ground and his body slumps to the ground Rimururu looks up to her saver "Who are you?" the man steps forward and reveals himself to be none other than Ukyo Tachibana "Rimururu...are you ok...did i stop him before he did anything bad to you" He coughs lightly after helping her up

"I'm ok thanks to you Ukyo i'm safe!" Rimururu was ruffled but other than that she was unharmed

"Good..... i would have hated to had to bring back your...dead raped body back to your sister... and watch her break down in tears"

"Well i have to tell you something about her" Rimururu tells all that had happen to Nakoruru in the last 9 months from her going insane from evil to her marrage to Galford and the birth of the children"

"Oh my but why did you leave home?"

"I left home to find you to train so i can help them better because i know Roy will strike again and when he does it will be harder and many times worse than that!"

"You wish to become...my understudy?"

"Please Ukyo for my sister's children and my beloved Shizumaru's sake please help me" Rimururu looks at Ukyo with a look of sadness

"Very well then come with me little one...you will have to learn much"

Ukyo and Rimururu disappear into the night

2 weeks later in a tavern near edo...

"Good evening master Haohmaru what can i get you" a young waitress around Nakoruru's age asks the gentle ronin samurai

"The normal Reina" Haohmaru replys

"Very well...say where is your student?"

"Some evil force has him has a captive now if i knew where it was i would go after it but since i don't i have to wait till the evil force makes its move which it will!"

"Oh my i hope he is ok!"

"I do too!" Haohmaru sighs hoping that his student was still alive he would hate to tell Rimururu that he was dead knowing how much she cared for Shizumaru he knew that if he had to tell her that she would likely never be the same ever

"Here your meal and sake!" Reina says

"Arigato!" Haohmaru replys

has he eats his meal he thinks about his missing student and Rimururu and her sister and galford

"Sure hope they are all alright" he says to himself

"I'll think i will head north to Ezo to check on Galford and Nakoruru i have not seen them about i wonder if they are ok" Haohmaru says to himself

"Oh they are quite alright Haohmaru infact here is something you sould know!" Haohmaru turns too see Hanzo "Hanzo!!,what are you doing here?"

"I came to check to see if Shizumaru's kidnapping had any really negative effect on you by the looks of it it hasn't effected you much"

"It has not a day goes by when i don't worry about his well being!"

"It's only natural he is like a son to you and to him your a father figure"

"Yeah" Haohmaru has a smile because Hanzo was right he did view Shizumaru has a son and he was very sure that he was a father figure to him "Now what about Nakoruru and Galford?"

Hanzo tells Haohmaru about Nakoruru and Galford's wedding and Nakoruru giving birth to twins also he tells about Rimururu's note "Well i'm glad that Nakoruru and Galford are moving on after that horrid day but i hope Rimururu doesn't end up dead she is weaker than she thinks she is" Haohmaru says in response

"Well i guess i'll see you in Ezo Haohmaru" Hanzo then leaves the tavern

"I guess i will be leaving now i wonder what nako's kids look like!"

Haohmaru picks up his gear sake bottle and his trusty katana then leaves a tip and leaves the tavern

Chapter 6 : the children of lighting and the holy light

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