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Samurai Spirits; The Legend Continues
by Helen

Chapter 12-----Force Your Way Through

Names of characters in this chapter:
Shizumaru, Rimururu, Galford, Hoahmaru, Charlotte, Genjuro, Jubei, Kazuki, Hanzo, Shogun, Akane

New character:
Ukyo (surprise!!)

"damn it.." Charlotte tries to free herself..but can't. there's soldiers everywhere, and the crowd waiting for the execution.
she looks up to the sky. it's almost sunset.....
"shall we execute her now?" said the french soldier to Shogun
"" said Shogun. there's a SCAR in his face, "....he'll be here."
Ukyo stand there with the crowd, waiting for the execution...and spying on Shogun. he have his face covered so no one could see who he is....

[wind blowing] Shizu is all by himself. he opens up his umbrella, and put it on his shoulder. he's still in the bamboo forest.
this place is so peaceful, he thought. no wonder Jubei decide to live here. "huh?" he looks up to the sky, "'s almost sunset.."

Charlotte...she'll be executed by sunset...

should he have gone with the others to save her? but he didn't ask anybody to save his life back in the Fort!! he doesn't care about his life. his life sucks. all he can remember is painful memories, and being lonely almost his entired life. he got nothing else to live for but his fighting skills and to finish his mission.
Charlotte isn't his friend. he doesn't have any friends, he doesn't want any. why would anybody so stupid to risk his or her life for another person? he never have any friends...all except Akane and...Shogun. Shogun. he almost killed him..!! he's also the one who gave Shizu the scar. that ugly's SO NOTICEABLE!! so ugly. Shizu hate it a lot. did Shogun survive the slash? who knows. why would Shogun want to kill him so bad? he thought the 3 of them hang out just fine, just getting along. he thought Shogun was his friend.
Shogun only fights him cuz of Akane. it's just one girl!!! he's a great fighter and all, but easily weakened by the word "love". love is stupid. it's a useless emotion and all it does is weaken fighters and warriors. what does Shogun see in Akane anyways? she's just one girl. Shizu have lots of girlfriends in the past who were much prettier and more sophiscated than Akane. he had to break up w/ them cuz he travels too much... when he thinks bout it, he never really felt love. when he was with his was pretty normal. even when they was really....nothing.
he have seen love. especially Hoahmaru. when he was still with Hoahmaru, he saw Hoahmaru and a woman alone. they probab know each other. the woman was sad, and tries to convince Hoahmaru to come home, to stop fighting. but he refused. then the woman cries. he went up to her...and GIVE HER A HUG...and KISSED HER...
....A HUG?? A KISS?? is that love? even the greatest Samurai like Hoahmaru is weakened by a woman. that is so sick!
if it happens to him....
...will it happen to SHIZUMARU HIMSELF??
"..." Shizu blinks, "...NAH!!!!!" he shakes his head, "DAMN, I THINK TOO MUCH..!!!"
he looks at the sky, then hesitates...
then he decide to go back...

"it's SUNSET, sir." said the french soldier
"...hmm.." Shogun hesitates, then he grins, "EXECUTE HER."
"yes sir." said the soldier, and gives the order....
Charlotte couldn't free herself, ".....damn it.!!"
the executioner received the order, "..HA HA HA!! it's such a pity to chop off a pretty head like YOURS..!!!"
the executioner pushed Charlotte to the ground...
he sharpen the blade...and aim for her neck.....
"...YOU WILL NEVER WHAT YOU WANT, SHOGUN!!!" shouts Charlotte, "you'll never take over Japan..!!"
" my dear." said Shogun, " the end, I ALWAYS GET WHAT..I...WANT." then he grins, "behead her."
the executioner lift up the blade high up..........and ready to chop off her head....
"STOP!!!!!!" shouts a voice. it's Hoahmaru and the others...they came to save her. and just in time too.
"HOAHMARU...!!!" gasps Charlotte, very surprised to see him
"GO SAVE HER, HOAHMARU!!!" shouts Kazuki, and attack the soldiers
"right." nods Hoahmaru and run to Charlotte.
the executioner attacks..!!
[SLASH] Hoahmaru killed him.
"HOAHMARU...YOU CAME BACK..!!!" gasps Charlotte.
he chopped off the rope, and help her up, "yep, i did."
"..." Charlotte blushes, then she freaks out, "I TOLD YOU NOT TO COME BACK!!! IT'S DANGEROUS!!"
"oh c'mon, woman. i can't leave you behind!!" smiles Hoahmaru, "we'll talk about that later ok??? now we gotta split!!!"

[CLASH] [SLASH] Rimururu attacks with her ice attacks. Kazuki help her out. they're all fighting. but they're outnumbered...
"OH SHIT..!! THEY KEEP COMING!!!" freaks Galford
"i can't hold them on much longer.." said Hanzo, as he slashed and killed another soldier
"TAKE THAT..!!!!" shouts Rimururu, attacking with her katana....
another soldier appears behind her, and attacks..!!
"RIMURURU..!!! LOOK OUT!!! BEHIND YOU!!!" shouts Galford
"....!!!" Rimururu turn around, "[GASPS]"'s too late..

the soldier collapse to the ground......dead...
it's Shizumaru..!!
"SHIZUMARU..!!!!! YOU CAME BACK..!!" smiles Rimururu, very surprised to see him
"HEY WE MISS YOU BUDDY!!!!" smiles Galford
"....i just want to get this over w/." said Shizu, "...and i'm NOT your buddy."
"CAN WE FINISH THIS CHAT LATER?? LET'S GET OUTTA HERE..!!!" shouts Hoahmaru, trying to protect Charlotte
"no one is leaving." said Shogun
"DAMN!!!!" shouts Hoahmaru
Shogun stand there, in their way, "the only way you can get out alive is a duel between ME AND THE DEMON."
"..the demon???" blinks Kazuki
"ok, Shogun. i accept your challenge." said Shizu, and steps out..
"???!!" Kazuki is even more confused
"SHOGUN!!!! STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!!" shouts Jubei, and ready to fight
"mr.Jubei, this has NOTHING to do with your Lord or you. you have no rights to fight me without your Lord's command." said Shogun, "you DO want to keep your sworn oath of loyalty to your Lord, don't you?"
"...." Jubei is pissed off
"LEAVE THEM ALONE." said Shizu, "you want to fight me? you got me. let's do it."

Shogun and Shizu stand there, ready to fight. Rimururu and the others stand aside and watch them.
"i see you survived my Demon Scar attack..." grins Shogun
"and so did you." said Shizu
"you may be lucky to survive my attack last time..but it won't be the next time." said Shogun, "...that scar must be horrible for you..isn't it? it totally changed your life.."
"SHUT UP!!!!" shouts Shizu
"the only way for you and your friends to get alive is ONE OF US DEAD.." said Shogun, "AND THE GOOD GUYS ALWAYS WIN OVER EVIL DEMONS...."
"...." Shizu didn't say anything
"YAAAAAAAAAAHHH..!!!!!" Shogun attacks..!!!
but missed
Shizu attacks.... but missed too.
they continue to fight. neither of them are hurt......YET.
"DEMON SCAR" whispers Shogun, ready for his special attack....
"KONGETSUZAN......" Shizu run toward him....ready to perform his attack.... .............
"STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouts a girl voice.
it's Akane. she stand between Shogun and Shizu...!!!!
"AKANE!!!!!!!!!" gasps Shizu, quickly stops..!! his sword almost hit her..!!
"[GASPS]" Shogun stops... his sword always hit her too...!!
Shogun backs off.....
they stop fighting.
"AKANE..!! what're you doing here???!! I...I ALMOST HIT YOU..!!!!" freaks Shizu
".....gomen, father." whispers Akane, "BUT I HAVE TO COME!!! they will kill each other if i don't..."
"Akane..." whispers Shogun, very surprised to see her
"BUT...BUT WE'RE IN A MIDDLE OF A FIGHT!!!" freaks Shizu, "YOU JUST..!!! DAMN!!!"
"...." Akane is sad, "nasai gomen. but i don't want you two to kill each other..."
"Akane..." whispers Shogun, " that you?"
she turn to him, "yes...Shogun.."
he is speechless. he didn't know what to say. he found her. at last. and she's even more beautiful than he remembered. and he can't believe he almost killed his love...
"ok, i'm confused now." said Kazuki, scratching his head,
"...." Rimururu is a bit sad..
"please...Shogun...Shizumaru....please stop fighting.." whispers Akane, "it doesn't have to end this way, does it..?"
"i'm sorry. but i must kill him." said Shogun
"..isn't there any other way without ending someone getting hurt?" cries Akane, "PLEASE...SHOGUN...'"
Shizu is surprised how Akane is so sad just to stop this fight. it's a samurai destiny to fight, and to die in a battle. that's the way it is. of course people get hurt. that's a warrior's fight to the death. "...well..." whispers Shogun, "there is ANOTHER WAY..."
"i will let them go..."
"WHAT??!!!!!" freaks everyone
Akane isn't surprised, "ok. deal."
"BUT AKANE..!!!! you can't be serious..!!!" freaks Shizu, " can't marry him!!! that's....ridiculous!!!"
"i have decided. i will marry Shogun." nods Akane
"BUT...BUT..!!!" freaks Shizu, "AKANE..!!!! DON'T..!!!!"
"sorry, Shizumaru.." whispers Akane
"alright. it's settled then." smiles Shogun, and put his sword away..
"you all can leave...except for Akane. she will remain here until tonight...the wedding will be held tonight at the Sage's Shrine." said Shogun
"....but..!!" freaks Shizu
"we'll be here tonight." said Hoahmaru, "c'mon, kid. let's go back.."
"....." Shizu is pissed off, then he joins the others and head back.....

Chapter 13-----Mission Accomplished

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