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Samurai Spirits; The Legend Continues
by Helen

Chapter 23-----Another New Beginning

it's almost sunset. the birds begin to fly away to rest for the night, as the sun begin to disappear slowly into the horizon...
Rimururu is standing on a small cliff near the Sacred Sages Temple, staring at the sunset..
Ukyo put some herbs into Hoahmaru's arm..and wrap bandage around it.
"OUCH!" freaks Hoahmaru,
"stop moving." whispers Ukyo
"..ha. it doesn't hurt that much..OUCH!"
"damn, u move too much. here, you finish it yourself."
"how much bandage do i need?"
"it's not that a big wound. just as much as you need for it."
"....UH....THAT'S HOW MUCH? like THIS much? or THIS much? or THAT much? or....."
"JUST TAKE THE WHOLE THING!!!!!" freaks Ukyo,and give him all the bandages. then he went to help Kazuki
"thank you, mr.Ukyo." said Charlotte, rest a little. she didn't wear her armor, only a long blue dress..
"i thought you abandoned us, man." said Galford, "if it wasn't for you, we'll be stuck in the Underworld and rot away like those corpses!"
"....." Ukyo ignores him, and continue to treat Kazuki
"yea, why did you came back for us, dude?" said Hoahmaru
"many reasons." whispers Ukyo, without facing him.
"UKYOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" screams a girl voice. it's Cella
"like her." whispers Ukyo, and work a little faster. he coughs a little too..
".........." Genjuro gets up, put his blade on his shoulder, and walks away in silence.
"HEY GENJURO!" shouts Hoahmaru
he stops, and face Hoahmaru..
"..thanks for helping us out."
"......." Genjuro didn't say anything, and turn back around..
"we don't have to do this. we were both raised by Nicotine..we were friends... i don't want to fight you."
"...we are not friends." said Genjuro, in a cold-calm way.
"then why didn't you kill me when you had the chance? i'm wounded now.."
"fool." said Genjuro, "i spend all my life searching to proof that i'm the strongest. i spend years looking for you, the greatest warrior alive. and my revenge.." then he begin to walk away, "but fighting you now would be like fighting a wounded deer. even my revenge won't be fully satisfied knowing that i defeated and killed a weakling..
" "....."
"but the NEXT TIME WE MEET..." whispers Genjuro, "..IT WILL BE DIFFERENT.." then he's disappeared somewhere.
"hmm.." Hoahmaru lowers his head, kinda disappointed. then he smiles (as usual, mr.happy-guy even if his own ex-best friend is going to kill him) then they all joined Rimururu, staring at the sunset..
"..The Sacred Sages..Kojiro.." whispers Rimururu, "people in our world will never know what was coming at them... they will move on with their lifes and everything will become nothing but a mere legend in time... and we will move on too after this sunset.."
"..what about Shizumaru? it would be so coo' if he's still around.."
" time, we're all going to forget all of this including Shizumaru.." whispers Rimururu, and smiles, "..he would want it that way. he don't want to live as a demon..he don't want people to remember him as a demon, but another normal person who passed away.."
then she pull out the Akane's pendant, and throws it away into the Temple somewhere..
then she closes her eyes, and smiles a little "..he's finally free.." and they continue spend the rest of the day together, for the last time before they all depart in their own ways..

[Akane's voice]
"ONE DAY...."
a girl is standing in the field of flowers with 2 pair of wings behind her back..
"one day..when we meet again.."
the girl turns around, as the wind blow gently at her..
it's Akane
she smiles..
".. the world is truly saved... there will be peace.."
Shizu looks around, a bit confused
then he saw Akane, standing there, not far away from him..
smiling at him..
".........." Shizu didn't move, he just look at her..
[AKANE'S VOICE CONT.] "..and it will be the end."
Shizu nods a little, and for the first time, he smiles with happiness..

**note: ONE DAY. that means it can be 2 years until Akane meets up with Shizu again (peace to the world) or 10 years or 10000 years..


I'M SORRY IF MY GRAMMAR SUCKS!!! =P cuz i'm not all that with english and stuff, and i'm used to express things through drawings than words. here's the summary of the storyline:

Shizumaru Hisame was the son of Zankuro, some dude that went mad with great powers (mysteriously, his powers are way beyond of a human's) and killed his village when Shizu was just a baby. and Zankuro killed his dear mother too, who tried to save her child. but Zankuro didn't kill Shizu. it's not cuz he's his son (Zankuro went mad, lost all senses, etc. if he can kill his wife, why not his own son too? aaah...see??? ^_^) cuz Zankuro saw the "dark glow" in Shizu's eyes. the demon inside of Shizu..
then he was saved by Julia, Akane's mother. she pities her enemy and gave him to the monk. and erases Shizu's memory about the horrible incident of his village (that's how he got amnesia) and hopes he lives happily as a normal kid... but he was different. when he turned 7, he was alone. he's one of the quiet innocent weak kids that are always picked on, especially by Shogun. then he met Akane and they became close friends. Akane understands how Shizu felt to be different and alone cuz she's Julia's daughter, the last survivor of the Sacred Sages. later they found a meadow, and promised each other to meet there in the future..
later on Shizu became Hoahmaru's apprentice blah blah. he rescued Cella which was a pain in the ass most of the journey and Rimururu fell in love with him. but the prob is: shizu can't feel love. he don't know what's friendship. ever since Akane left, all he did was train to be a samurai. Hoahmaru told him to chill, but Shizu refuses to listen (if Hoahmaru stops being a lazy ass..). etc etc. then he have their weird freaky dreams and migraines. during the journey he was pretty pissed off and tries to get away from his allies cuz they think he's too weak as a teen to handle fights alone. neways, he found Akane. and found out that he was the descendant of Kojiro, the "true evil" of all. heart of Ambrocia. and he was destined to free Kojiro from his prison in the Underworld by killing the last Sacred Sage, that means he must kill Akane. Shizu cared a lot about her while she's still around, but never admit it cuz of his stubborn nature. but after the prophet killed her (his future self..ouch. killing a loved one..), he finally realized what he missed. and Akane knows that she will die (remmeber the festival?) she is cheerful as usual. so the Sacred Sage became extinct, and Kojiro is about to be freed. Shizu and his friends went to kill Kojiro before the end of the world. yippee.
then he asked Rimururu to kill them both at the end. it is not the only way to finish off Kojiro, but to bring an end to his bloodline. and no one wants to live a life that you can't feel anything at all, no pain, no happiness, no love...


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