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Samurai Spirits; The Legend Continues
by Helen

Chapter 5-----No Longer a Kid...

Names of characters in this chapter:
Shizumaru (duh..!! ^_^)

New character:
Rimururu, Earthquake

as time moves on, Shizu learns as much as he can from Hoahmaru. at the age of 14 or 15, they went separate ways, and never seen each other again. both have its own journey to take....Shizu knows he have to find Zankuro and kill him. but what bout Hoahmaru? the last words before Hoahmaru left was, "c ya kid..!!" that's all. then he's gone somewhere and never returned. will they meet again? they met several times after they depart searching for Zankuro.... they fought against each other too. but nothing much serious. at the end, Hoahmaru always leave w/ his sake and gone like the wind. Shizu also met this Samuria, Genjuro on the way. Genjuro and Hoahmaru must know each other...maybe friends? thought Shizu. who knows. Hoahmaru never told him anything bout his life except that he loves japanese girls and sake. SAKE. like EVERY DAY, that drunk man is always drinking SAKE. Shizu can't stand that smell of Sake...it stinks.

Shizu finally found Zankuro...and defeated him. avenged his parents. but strange...when he defeated Zankuro, he doesn't feel happy. nor sad. Zankuro was a tough opponent...but how could a kid like Shizu beat him just like that? many Samuria older and stronger than Shizu was killed or lost by Zankuro. maybe Shizu have improved. MAYBE...

time moves on w/o stopping, Shizu continues his journey. don't know where he's heading, don't care where he's heading. he just wander around Japan searching for new opponents to fight. his life is now similiar to Hoahmaru....a loner. a rebel. the usual schedule of the day: wake up, fight, eat, fight some more, fight again, take a break, fight even more, sleep, fight again. but he doesn't mind....only one thing he just never understand. why was he called a demon child? is he really a demon? if not, where are the demons? and where they come from....? each day as he grow, he feel his skills are much stronger than normally...feel much stranger..

[silence] [wind blowing] there are dead bodies everywhere. blood. corpses of children...women....men....
[LOUD THUNDER] the whole world is full of dead corpses...all life DEAD. dark clouds block the sunlight entering the earth...the world is nothing but DARKNESS.
"...." a man stood there in the middle of the corpses. he look at dead bodies...then his hands. it's COVERED IN BLOOD....
there's light everywhere...
not far away, a young woman is praying in her knees.... 2 pair of wings in her back. she have her eyes closed....
then she turn her head, opens her eyes, and smiles....

"...!!!!" he opens his red eyes. he was dreaming...
he sits up, and shakes his head, "....the same dream again..."
[SWORD CLASHING] he heard somebody fighting nearby..
"hmm..." he gets up. it's Shizumaru. but he's different now....he's all grown. he's no longer the little innocent weak 10 year old kid. he is now 17, strong and tall, handsome too. but wears the same clothes. his red hair have grown much spikier and a bit longer, his eyes are a bit much adult now (not like those BIG eyes like a weird squirrel), more mature.
Shizu was sleeping in the streets AGAIN. he doesn't mind. he never stay in place long, got no $ for an inn. as long as he got his Katana and umbrella with him and his life, what else matters?
[SWORD CLASHING] "..hmm...fighting so early?" whispers Shizu, and takes his stuff w/ him to go and see...

bunch of people are watching 2 warriors fighting. it's Earthquake. he's fighting some Samuria...
[SLASH] "AAAAAAAAAHH..!!!" the Samuria falls on the ground, wounded. then he ran away....
"HA HA HA..!!!! LOSER!!!!!" laughs Earthquake, his laugh is so loud, shakes the windows a bit, "WHO'S NEXT?????!!!!!" his breath stinks up everybody...no one is standing near him......
no one wants to fight him....
"C'MON..!!!!!!! I PAY $100 FOR WHOEVER BEAT ME!!!!!!!"
Shizu appears in the crowd...
"AAAAAAAAAAAARRGGGGHH!!!!!!! @#$%!!!!!!!!! $500..!!!!!!"
"i'll take the offer." said a voice. it's Shizu. he steps out from the crowd...his Katana in his sheath in his back, and his umbrella in his hand..
"huh??" Earthquake can't believe what's he's seeing. he stare at Shizu.
Earthquake is like THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING TO SHIZU..!!! he have to look up in order to see Earthquake's face.
"HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA YOU'RE KIDDING, RIGHT??!!!! HAHAHAHA" laughs Earthquake, his laugh freaking everyone out
"no." said Shizu, serious. he never does jokes, "if i win, i get the $500, got it?"
"OF COURSE!!!!! I KEEP MY WORD!!!!!!!!!" laughs Earthquake, "i'll promise you i won't hurt you....MUCH!!!" ready to fight..
"...." Shizu don't care, ready to fight...
"AAAAAAAAAAARRGGGHH..!!!!" Earthquake attacks Shizu w/ his
weapon......striking STRAIGHT AT HIM.
but missed.
[CRASH] Earthquake's weapon hit the ground....making a HUGE hole in the ground.
Shizu jumped away just in time, attacks Earthquake......pull out his Katana and STRIKE...
[SLASH] there's blood on the ground.
"AAAAAAAHH..!!!" Earthquake backs off, a huge scar in his face, "@#$% YOU!!!!" he attacks again and again and again....
Shizu got hit..!! but he doesn't care. Earthquake attacks nonstop, giving him no chance to attack but defend ONLY....but if Shizu doesn't do anything, he will lose the battle for sure....
then Shizu attacks, "SONGETSUZAN..!!!!!!" and knock Earthquake down..!!
the whole ground shakes when he fall down...!!! people freaks out and runs.
Earthquake throw his $500 to Shizu, and run away..
"gomen nasai (sorry..)" whispers Shizu, and was bout to take the money....but somebody stole his money.
"WHATTA..??!!!" Shizu is surprised, then he saw who it is, "it's you?"
it's Rimururu. she's much more mature now, just like her sister Nakoruru, "hello, Shizumaru. still fighting for money?"
Rimururu and Shizu have been friends ever since Zankuro is gone. Rimururu loves to tag along where Shizu is going whenever she got time... and that sometimes piss him off.
Shizu smiles, and takes the money back, "...and for entertainment." and put his money into his pocket, "what're you doing here? aren't you going on one of your "nature" adventures?"
"well...yes.." whispers Rimururu, "but it's just a big coincidence that i meet you here again THAT'S ALL..!!! it's not as if i'm following you or anything..!!"
".....hmm..yea...right.." grins Shizu, "anyways, LATER." and he walks away... Rimururu freaks out, "..HEY HEY...WAIT..!!" she runs after him, "WHERE..YA GOING?"
"somewhere that's not here."
"..uhmm..you heading to any forests or woods?"
".....!!!" Rimururu panics, and turns red, "WHY NOT..??!!!"
Shizu stops and turn to her, "CUZ every time i pass through a forest I MEET YOU AGAIN." then he hesitates, "haha..what the hell. i meet you EVERYWHERE I GO. coincidence? i think not..."
then he walks away, "go on your journey, Rimururu. if you follow me, you'll be in danger."
"...BUT..BUT...SHIZUMARU..!!!" freaks Rimururu, and follows him, "..I HAVE TO GO W/ YOU CUZ...!!! CUZ..!!"
"CUZ..!!!! i..i..!!!"
[SCREAM] there's a scream...!! it's inside that Mansion..
"??!!" Shizu heard the scream, "STAY HERE RIMURURU..!!" then he ran inside..
"but...BUT...!" freaks Rimururu, "...SHIZUMARU...!!!" and she went after him..

Chapter 6-----The Hunter Hunted..

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