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Rimururu to the Rescue
by John

Chapter 3-----Only the Brave

Narrator: Welcome to part 3 of Rimururu to the Rescue.

Narrator: I'm John

Nakoruru: I'm Nakoruru

Rimururu: And I'm the star Rimururu

Nakoruru: Well John. That was quite a cliffhanger you left us all on. I can't wait to find out if the dream was true, if I did, how did you put it. Got It.

Narrator: Lets get down to business.

(All quite)

Narr: For a long moment Rimururu couldn't move. She was too shocked by what she saw.

Rimururu:(thinking) Is it true? Is Nakoruru dead? No, it can't be true..... I hope.

Narr: She races back to her home to find it empty.

Rimururu: No time to wait, I have to find out what happened.

Narr: She throws her pack over her shoulder and departs leaving a note.

Note: Dear family. I have had a terrible dream of Nakoruru's death in a valley to the north of here. I must go there to see if it is true or a warning. Please be safe and don't worry. Ill come home safe. Rimururu

Narr: Rimururu race's up the road as fast as her legs will carry her. She huffs and puff's but never once slows down.

People along the road think that the wind has taken shape and is running to beat the Sun.

Rimururu:( thinking) I must run as fast as I can. Nakoruru may be in trouble and I must save her if I can.

Narr: After an hour of running she finally slowed to a trot, and then a walk. She slowed down more and more till she had to rest under a tree.

Nakoruru: Ill bet you felt that the next day. All that running. But still I'm glad you were so worried about me.

Narr: As she relaxed her body a small white patch caught her eye. She walked over to find a small piece of white clothe with purple stripe's and a spot of red on it.

Rimururu: This looks like part of Nakoruru's outfit. But it's purple. Is this blood? I wonder.

Rimururu: No, her bad twins costume was white with purple stripes. If she was here then that means she may still be here somewhere.

Nakoruru B: And you would be right brat!

Narr: Nakoruru Bust jumps out of a tree behind Rimururu. She's replaced the torn outfit she was wearing with a fresh one.

Rimururu: No.

Narr: Nakoruru Bust stands there for a long minute, her face sporting her evil grin.

Nakoruru B: Well, if it isn't the brat. Not so tough without big sister to help. You're too late to save that goody goody. She's dead. Oh but don't worry, Id be more than happy to be your new big sister.

Rimururu: Your lying. Nakoruru isn't dead. No she can't die. She's too good of a fighter to let herself be surprised like that.

Nakoruru B: Oh brat, you truly are precious. But playtimes over. Here we play for keeps.

Rimururu:(draws Kodachi) Fine, but you'll find I'm not as weak as you think.

Narr: Nakoruru B doe's the same and stands ready. In her eye's we see the notion that she will win out, and that another Ruru will fall along the path.

Nakoruru B: Any time your ready.

Rimururu: Your move!

Narr: For a long minute they face off against each other, neither moves a muscle.

Nakoruru B make's the first move with a high jump into the air. She tries to land on top of Rimururu but Rimururu rolls away just in time.

Rimururu lunges at her opponent with lightning speed. Nakoruru B block's the strike but Rimururu was ready. She used the attack to get in close enough to Bust to low blow her. The punch hits Bust in the stomach right in the spot where the gash made by Nakoruru was.

Nakoruru: Oh, you little brat!! How dare you strike me! Ill kill you for that.

Rimururu:(thinking) She must have a wound there. Ill strike her there. Ill have to be fast though, now that I know where she's the weakest. She'll protect that spot.

Narr: Rimururu holds fast to her position and wait's. Now she really has to be fast. Nakoruru Bust charges at her. Her eye's filled with hate.

Nakoruru B: Now I will kill you!

Narr: She charges at Rimururu who just stands there. Bust gets closer and closer.

Just as Bust is about to strike, Rimururu jumps down on the ground and kicks up at her opponent.


Narr: The blow hits Bust again in the stomach and right in the gash.

She stagers around for a moment. This time however when she moves her hand Rimruru sees a blood line forming on the front of her outfit.

Nakoruru: You! You! You little Brat!! You reopened the wound.

Narr: She rips open her outfit to see how bad the damage is. Rimururu then sees how much damage she's done.

All round Busts waist are rows of bandages. Now bloody.

Nakoruru B: You'll pay for this. Ill get you brat.

She runs off into the woods.

Narr: Rimruru returns her Kodachi to its scabbra and pick's up her pack. She began walking once more toward the North.

Rimururu: I couldn't have done it without Nakoruru softening her up first.

Nakoruru: Your welcome.

Narr: It grew late and the breeze took a chill. It was just about dusk and the outfit she was wearing was not made for this sort of temperature.

She stopped and made camp building a fire to warm her while she went through her pack. Inside she found the Silk Outfit her parents had given her a few weeks earlier. She slipped into it as fast as she could and draped the cloak over her shoulders.

Then she unpacked her dinner. Two rice balls and a fresh fish. She cooked up the fish as fast as she could and ate it. Then she set out her bed mat and tried to fall asleep.

Rimururu:(thinking) Gotta get some rest or Ill be in trouble when I get where I'm going.
Ill have to be on my toes from here on. Yawn.

Narr: She looked up at the stars in the sky. She sighed as she thought back to a night not too long ago when Galford had talked about his childhood.
Galfords Voice:(memory in rimu's head) When I was young I would climb the hill not far from my house to look up at the stars. I believed that you could wish upon a falling star and that wish would come true. Back then I wished to be a knight, a samurai in your culture going off to battle evil and save the beautiful maiden who Id love forever. You know, I think I got my wish.

Narr: Just as she finished her memory a shooting star raced across the sky.

Rimururu: I wonder? Oh it's worth a shot.

Narr: She gets out of her bedroll, kneels and recites the poem that Galford had taught her.

Rimururu: Star Light, Star bright, First Star I see Tonight, I Wish I May, I Wish I Might have this Wish I Wish Tonight. I Wish and Pray with all my Heart to see my dear sister Nakoruru once more.

Narr: As she lays back down a tear fills her eye and runs down her cheek. She sniffles and turns over, finally falling asleep.

Narrator: That's the end of Part 3. Please come back for Part 4- Razors Image.



Narrator: What's wrong? You two are usually so talkative when I'm done.

Nakoruru: Nothing (sniffle)

Rimururu: ......(sniffle)

Narrator: You two need a tissue?

Nakoruru: No, I'm fine.

Rimururu: Sure (sniffle) Ill take one.

Narrator: Here let me wrap this quilt around you two.

Nakoruru/Rimururu: Thank You.

Narrator: Then I hope you will read the next part.


Chapter 4-----Razors Image

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