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Rimururu to the Rescue
by John

Chapter 5-----Revelations

Narrator: Well we've come along way since part one.

Rimururu: Yeah. With my birthday, Nakoruru's disappearance, Beating Nakoruru Bust, and now making a new friend this is one heck of a story. But now I hear that things are going to become much more complicated then before.

Narrator: Yes, now we move into the third and final chapter of our story. From here on its no holds barred. Now we find out what happened to Nakoruru.

So on with the show.

Narr: Nakoruru openned her eye's and looked around. The room was bare and windowless with one door leading out. She moved her arms but found that she couldn't go anywhere for her arms were bound in chains.

Nakoruru: Mamahaha? Mamahaha?!

Narr: Mamahaha was gone.

Nakoruru: Mamahaha has left me. Is all hope lost for the world?

Ujio: Yes. Now little Ainu, you will learn the true meaning of power.

Nakoruru: Power?! Ha, What power! I'm still alive. You failed to kill me back in the chamber. No. Real power is what I have working for me.

Ujio: Silence! You still hold your life yet joke about me.

Nakoruru: I hear a hint of wonder, of frustration in your voice. Could it be that you still don't know.

Ujio: Know? Know what?

Nakoruru: How I dodged your spike. How did I know you wonder?

Ujio: Ha! I know all. You cannot tell me anything that I don't already know. Now I'll let you live for the moment. I have to attend to plans.

Narr: He leaves and Nakoruru sighs.

Nakoruru: Rimururu.

Narr: She closes her eyes and thinks back to the day before.

Nakoururu:(thinking) It was all I could do.....

To fight the fear......

He just stood there......

That evil grin on his face........


Her voice.......

Rimururu:(voice inside Nakoruru's head) NAKORURUUUUUU!!

(Back to Nakoruru)

Then I looked up...........

The spike was huge..........

I jumped out of the way.........

(Scene of Nakoruru jumping out of the spikes path)

I was shocked........


She saved me.......

But the demon was not to be denied.........

Narr: The demon raised his arms and with mighty flashes Nakoruru lay on the ground.

We now return to the present. On the bridge outside the home where Ujio waited.

Rimururu: This must be the place. Looks like a struggle was put on here. Nakoruru must have done this.

Narr: She crosses the bridge and climbs the stairs to the house.

She feels a chill as she opens the door. It's going to be rough from here on.

Ujio: So, we have a visitor. Well I'll just have to make her feel welcome.

Statues, Arise!

Narr: All at once the statues lining the halls and rooms of the house began to move. They grabbed weapons and proceeded to hunt for the intruder in the house of Ujio.

Ujio: So you will understand my power, I shall take the thing you love most and turn it against you.

Narr: He looks over to a corner of the room where a wet and cold Shiki stands. She wanted revenge to, for hours she climbed the cliff wall to return to her master. Nakoruru had humiliated her once and now it was time to pay her back.

He nods and she hurries into the next room.

Ujio: Now all I have to do is. Then it will end.

Narr: Meanwhile Rimururu has entered the first large room in the house. Its dark with no real dimensions to it.

As she walks across the floor a loud stomping noise could be heard.

Rimururu: Hello?! Nakoruru? Is that you?

Narr: Just then a lantern lit the room to reveal 10 stone statues, weapons in hand coming toward her.

Rimururu: Too afraid to face me yourself ?! You have to send rock men after me?! Ok, I'll bite.

Narr: She rushed into the crowed of statues, hitting everyone as she ran.

Rimururu: Now then. Lets see whose.

Narr: To her shock she hasn't done any damage to any of the statues. They just stand there and wait.

Rimururu: No! They didn't die?! But that should have broken them all to dust. What are they made of ?!

Narr: For a long second she can't move. It's just too shocking.

Rimururu: I'll just have to try again.

Narr: Try damage. Try two....still no damage. Now she's too tired to rush again.

Rimururu: They are just going to wait till I'm too tired to fight back and then they'll kill me. Rotten (expletive deleted), now what?

Narr: For a long moment she stands there, too scared to move and to tired to fight.

Rimururu: Their Stone! How the heck do I fight stone?!

Wait! Stone! Stone shatters when it's frozen!

Narr: She stands up and gets into attack stance.

Rimururu: Ok, Its time to say goodbye!!

Narr: She powers up and begins to shoot the Mother of all Ice Storm attacks onto the statues.

Rimururu: Now, Taste my blade!!

Narr: She rushes right into the column of statues and smashes them all to dust!

Rimururu: Ok, Now who else wants to pick a fight with me?!

Nakoruru: Me!!

Narr: Rimururu turns around to see her sister standing in the doorway Kadochi in hand.

Rimururu: Nakoruru? Are you all right?

Nakoruru: This is where you shall die.

Shiki: As you can see, Ujio has made some changes. She's now your worst enemy.

Rimururu: No! Nakoruru!

Narr: They stand at the ready for what seams like forever. For the first time Rimururu could see right into Nakoruru's eyes.

They were red with hate. Cold and emotionless.

Its more than Rimururu can stand.

Then Nakoruru lunges into the air.

Nakoruru: DIE!!

Narr: Rimururu jumps out from under Nakoruru. Nakoruru lands and charges at Rimururu who defends with her sword. For a long minute they are in a match of wills.

Rimururu could feel all her sisters' strength coming down on her as she fought to keep Nakoruru's sword from hitting her. For the first time in her life Rimururu realized that she might have to kill Nakoruru in order to survive.

Shiki: Keep her busy while I hit her from behind.

Narr: Rimururu watched as Shiki ran over to the far corner and prepared to rush her.

Rimururu: I'm getting weaker by the second. What will I do? I can't fight them both at the same time!
Wait! I have an idea!

Narr: Shiki charged at Rimururu. Rimururu watched as she came closer and closer.

Then just as it seamed that Shiki would finish the fight, Rimururu released her guard and ducked. This threw Nakoruru off balance and she fell right into Shiki and they both fell to the floor.

Rimururu: That was close, I hope it worked.

Narr: She watched the two downed fighters for some sign of life. Then movement caught her eye.

Nakoruru staggered to her feet. Shiki remained on the floor a small amount of blood next to her.

Nakoruru: Clever, but not clever enough! Now I'm really mad!

Narr: Rimururu watched as Nakoruru powered up for a big attack.

Rimururu:(thinking) If I'm going to make a move, now's the time!

Narr: She got into rush attack stance and held.

Nakoruru: Now you will see some real power!

Rimururu: No! You'll see true power.

Narr: She explodes out of her stance and right at Nakoruru. For a moment time stood still.

Rimururu: Now we finish this!!

Narr: She zooms straight at Nakoruru. There's a flash of light and Rimururu stops 10 ft behind Nakoruru.

She turns to see Nakoruru with a shocked look on her face. For a long moment she just stood there.

Finally she collapses.

Narr: Rimururu watches her sister go down. For a moment she can't move. Then all at once she started crying.

Rimururu: Nakoruru. I'm sorry.

Narrator: That ends part 5. Please read part 6 Rebirth, A Child of Light shall overcome.


Chapter 6-----Rebirth, A child of light Shall Overcome

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