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The Encounter with an Angel
by The Neurochild

Chapter 2: "Don't leave me alone!" (Narrated by Nakoruru.)

I didn't know something would happen that day after school. Everything looked perfect for somebody who just moved to Tokyo a few days ago; still I was wondering about an event my grandmother told about a guy I will save. I was trying not to think about that. It was a normal day, after my school day I walked with some of my new friends.

Rika: Does your grandparents live in the forest?
Naoko: What is it like living with all nature?
Nakoruru: It's a beautiful place. Comparing with all the parks here, I lived in a big one.
Rika: Wow! You're so lucky!
Nakoruru: I wouldn't say that.
Naoko: Hey, why not?
Nakoruru: I could have lived there all my life, but grandmother told me someday I have will take care all of it.
Naoko: Do you really believe what she said?
Rika: Maybe we can help.
Naoko: You know; it's in your family.
Nakoruru: I don't know if I was born for that. Time will tell me.
Rika: Are you saying you don't trust yourself?
Nakoruru: No. It's just that I'm not ready, although my people say I have that gift.
Rika: Nakoruru, all the beginnings aren't quite what it's seems. But if you accept how you are, even your mistakes, you can have anything goal you want.
Nakoruru: Quite motivating, Rika. Thanks!
Naoko: Girls, I know I shouldn't say it, but do you know what happened to the new guy?
Rika: Who, Shinzo? What's wrong?
Naoko: I heard he didn't like Yamazaki.
Nakoruru: How?
Rika: Maybe for the way he talks...
Naoko: Or he discovers a lot of lies. He can't be fooled.
Nakoruru: Or maybe, he knows how honest people are inside. -Unintentionally I took position about it. -I don't know if I am right, but everyone is important depending on what you think it's right. He made right not to trust Yamazaki, whoever he is.
Rika: Nakoruru, aren't you defending him?
Nakoruru: No. How am I going to defend someone I don't know? But I know it's like that.
Naoko: Why are you sure?
Nakoruru: Because Yamazaki cannot fool me either. I know it when I first met him.

After a long walk, our paths divided. We went each other's way home.

Nakoruru: Well, this is when we depart. And take our own path.
Rika: I hope to see you tomorrow.
Naoko: It was nice to see you again.
Nakoruru, talking in Ainu: Bye!
Naoko and Rika, talking in Japanese: Sayonara! (Bye!)

I made friends very fast, even sooner than I expected. Even on the way we say goodbye. On my road home, everything seemed quiet, and as the place was pleasant as my homeland, Kamui-Kotan, I started singing.
As I told my new friends, Rika and Naoko, I lived in a big forest; the only difference is that my home is a place where human and nature can live with, but saying that my home is the most beautiful of all Japan would be unfair, since Tokyo has its beauty too. Especially the place I was walking on is very pretty. I have never seen a cherry blossom except in my dreams, what I didn't imagine was that fact to learn it was a tree. I fell fascinated when I watched one the first time; it was like love at first sight. And talking about love, I'm not quite sure if one day I would find the one who deserves it.
A few while later, it began to rain. My trip would be quite better if I wouldn't suspect something bad was coming. A lot of people dressed in black with different haircuts and ornaments on their skin went out of the sidewalk. They looked like angels of death.
I had a terrible felling that they were bad people, so I hid on the cup of a cherry blossom near to a white wall. My friends and everyone in Tokyo told me about a group of rebel people that haunt their citizen, and I was right to quote that the one I found was a dangerous one. Once they were gone, I jumped out of the tree. I never felt something very horrible like that day; as it was raining, I picked out of my bag a mantle that my grandmother gifted me. She said it was for protecting me when nature goes wild. But I will never forget that bad feeling...
I found myself lost on what it seemed a backstreet, very dirty and creepy with each step I make. When it ended and the only way to go was at my left, I turned... and I will never forget what I saw...

Nakoruru, gasping: Oh, God!
>Talking in Ainu: For Mother Nature's sake, what happened here?

It was a terrifying vision; a boy around my age lied down on the ground, full of broken glasses. Sure it was an act of those people, the dumps contained bottles of glass and sure they used it as a weapon against him. He was badly wounded, especially in his face, which had an ugly injury in his head, covered of blood. I feared the worst, so I took him out the ground having care of the glasses. He didn't weight much, so I could charge him in my arms, though not for long.
Now far from the place I found him, I put him far from the glass, still in the backstreet. I yelled for help though it wasn't worthy.

Nakoruru: Help! Please somebody help me! Please call somebody for help! I don't know if this boy is alive!

Suddenly, I felt the touch of a hand and an object. He was alive! He looked at me holding my right hand; when I turn to him, the expression in his blue eyes was piercing, like a samurai. His eyes looked like two sapphire gems, shiny. They transmitted me his pain... and his fear.

Shinzo: Don't leave me alone! -The boy talked to me before he left reacting.
Nakoruru, desperate: Hey! Wake up! Wake up! Please, don't go! Don't go now!

I tried to wake him up in vain. He didn't answer anymore. I thought I could do nothing, but I was wondering why he gave me that object. When I look at that, I remember my friend about it, and the existence of a number in case of emergency. Naoko told me one: 911. I pushed the button-marked numbers and a screen appeared with it inside; I forgot what to do next, so I tried to remember. Rika, my other friend, told me about a green button to make a call and approached it to her ears. I did do that, and another screen appeared indicating me that I was calling to "Emergencies". I heard a tone....

Nakoruru: Hello?

No one answered me and another tone is given. It still did until I heard a woman's voice.

Woman on the phone (W911): Emergencies. What can we help you?
Nakoruru, desperate: Hello? Can you hear me?
W911: Yes. What can we help you?

Nakoruru: I need someone to help me with a boy. It's badly wounded!
W911: Can you tell me the address?
Nakoruru: I don't know where I am.
W911: Well, we are trying to trace your call. But tell me whom I am talking with.
Nakoruru: My name is Nakoruru. I come from Kamui-Kotan, in Hokkaido. I am 12 years old. I study at the Seiyuu Junior High School. I'm new here so I got lost from home. I just arrived to Tokyo a week ago.
W911: Can you tell me the child's description?
Nakoruru: I don't know his name. He's kind of around my age. -I saw the uniform. -Dear! He studies at the same school as I do.
W911: Seiyuu Junior High?
Nakoruru: Yes. I just met him today! A new classmate: clear skin, black hair, and blue eyes. He has an injury in his head, due to a fight... -I put my idle hand on his chest. I feared the worst. -
>Talking in Ainu: Mother Nature!
>Talking in English: HIS HEART STOPPED BEATING! Please get help right now!
W911: Try to calm down, miss.
Nakoruru: I can't!
W911: Child, I know how you feel. Please calm down; an ambulance unit is coming right now to the place. We got your location. The unit is on the way.

The more I tried to calm down, the more I'd lose all hope. I saw an ambulance near to us, but it never stopped. I ran to catch it before it was too late.

Nakoruru: Right here! Help! Come back! I need help here! -I stopped and shout it all loud and holding my hand up high. -HERE!

Then it stopped, moved back and parked close to me. Its upper lights turned on immediately... Mother Nature heard my words. Two men came out of the ambulance dressed in white, covered by something transparent, surely to protect them from the rain. One of them approached and talked to me.

Nurse 1: We have been warned about a boy wounded. Do you know where he is, child?
Nakoruru: Right here! -I ran with him to where the boy still was. Once there, he checked the boy.
Nurse 2: How long did he stop reacting?
Nakoruru: Now. He could give me his phone though he was weak.
Nurse 1: Take him now. He got a heart attack. He needs medical attention now.
Nakoruru: I'm coming with you.
Nurse 2: I'm sorry, girl. I cannot come.
Nakoruru: I can't leave him!
Nurse 2: You must be at your home.
Nakoruru: I must go with him, sir. -I was standing straight on the boy's last wish. -After reacting, he asked me to stay with him... I just met him at school today and I didn't have the time to know him. Please, let me go with you!
Nurse 2: All right. Since I need a partner at the ambulance, you could help me. Let's go. -And I went to the ambulance after him.

The nurse told me they are taking him to the nearest hospital. He needed intensive care because of the injury in his head. Then he took off the child's clothes and bag, and put some items on his chest, then he turned on a gray screen that it sounded a very acute noise. But I was so scared when he grabbed two objects on his hands...

Nurse 2: He has no pulse. I must revive him!
Nakoruru: Hey, what are you doing? -...And shocked him on his chest.
Nurse 2: Don't worry, girl. That's how we revive people... Look. -He signed at the gray, which began drawing irregular lines and the noise went into beeping. -He's now alive... at the first shock. -He told me like he was amazed
Nakoruru: How do I know that?
Nurse 2: Those lines drawing constantly on the screen are his heartbeats. He will be fine. - I could finally take my breath.
Nakoruru, talking in Ainu: Thank God it's alive!
Nurse 2: You are such a kind of different girl. Can you tell me your name, pretty?
Nakoruru: My name is Nakoruru.
Nurse 2: Hmm, what kind of name is it?
Nakoruru: It's Ainu. I'm from the Ainumoshiri.
Nurse 2: The Ainu village, right?
Nakoruru: Yes.
Nurse 2: It seems beautiful how it sounds. Girl, your friend is going to be fine. Still he needs a lot of care.

After that, I took my mantle and tried to put it over the boy. The nurse thought the wrong thing...

Nurse 2: Hey, don't put this sheet... -...But he realized about the truth when he touched it. - It's dry! What are you?
Nakoruru: He asked me not to leave him alone... and I am keeping my promise. -I put it over the wounded but alive boy. I put it to keep him warm since I felt him cold. -I wonder what his name is. I'm very ashamed. -The nurse picked out the boy's purse; he said the boy must have an identity, while I took my ribbon off my head and tied it to his left hand; it would work as a reminder to him when he wakes up. Finally the nurse discovered his name.
Nurse 2: Your friend's name is Shinzo, Shinzo Watanabe.
Nakoruru: I just met him today at school.
Nurse 2: At Seiyuu Junior High. His mother must now about this, we now have all the necessary information. -Then he turned to me. -
>Girl, I'm very impressed about your braveness, and your kindness makes most people to have you as a friend. You are truly a heroine!

The words of the nurse fueled my enthusiasm. What my grandmother told me became true, Mother Nature put me on test and I succeeded. Now all I had to do is to hope he would recover from his wounds.
It was a harbor situation, but I saved someone.

Chapter 3: "Am I in heaven?" (Narrated by Shinzo)

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