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Samurai Spirits Neo
by Strider Maverick/Duran the Warrior (official pen name)

Chapter 3

Samurai Spirits Neo Chapter 3: Journey.
[As we last saw Galford and Yang, they were flying to Europe to begin quite a journey; they have just landed in France]
Galford: Well I'm off to the art museum.
Yang: While I go on the prowl, who knows maybe the European chicks want a fiery hot guy!
<Galford proceeds to sweat drop, as Yang leaves>
Nakoruru, who is also sweatdroping: I guess he might have some luck...
Galford: Yeah, he's Mr. personality all right. You do want to see the Museum, right?
Nakoruru: Yes, that's something I wanted to do see various works of art.
Galford: Just seeing, after all we'd be both seeing the world.
Nakoruru: At least being able to take the time instead of always hurrying.
>Art Museum
<they have already looked at some of the works and now viewing some rather interesting ones>
Nakoruru: Oh I remember that, I think that was the painting [Remember the background of Charlotte's SS2 stage?] that Charlotte had someone work on, and here's a rather interesting....! That's Shizumaru and Rimururu!
Galford: Oh, what are they doing in those clothes?
Nakoruru: I remember one time seeing them go to a ball around here, since they did a little journey [Something you might see in a future fic of mine], just like we're doing. (I can't help but wonder the events, are they a sort of sign?)
Galford: Was that before they got married?
Nakoruru: Yes, a bit of time since the last battle against Yuga. Thank you.
Galford: Huh? What's that all of a sudden?
Nakoruru: You weren't kidding when you said that you'd take me on a trip way back in your childhood. I wonder what would you consider us?
Galford: The best of friends! (If she just were alive, she'd be just the girlfriend)
Nakoruru: Oh, shouldn't we check up on Yang? I can't help to be worried about what trouble he's gotten into
Galford: Yeah... We should look around the rave clubs.
Nakoruru: What are raves?
Galford: These crazy dance parties, illegal in the US, my dad been complaining on how they result in some out of control stuff, more so with Yang in there. though he never got arrested. He's as good as getting out of trouble as he is getting into it.
<they went looking around the club area of Paris, and they found a building with some smoke coming out the top of the door>
Galford: Yang's there all right, he always like using his fire talents, we should go in and see.
<they see something quite wild: Yang doing his "Pyro-tastic" dance moves, and this normal-looking (and normal figured) browned hair girl in dark clothes dancing with him>
Galford: Well, I'll be a Kibagami....
Nakoruru: Don't say such a thing, though I thought that he'd have arranged "date", as you'd say it.
<And just as she finishes saying that Yang does his finishing step, which involves making 4 small explosions, and setting himself on fire, and causing the water sprinklers go off>
Galford: Well you should consider yourself lucky Nako that you aren't getting soaked like everyone else is.
Nakoruru: I'd think I'd kinda enjoy that, since it's been a while since I felt the rain and such.
<they go over to Yang and talk to him>
Galford: Well well Yang, it seems that you've finally find yourself a date after all.
Yang: Oh you saw my blazing steps?
Galford: Yes, and I can see why wherever you dance, it gets fire-damaged. So who was your partner out on the floor?
Yang: Oh I want you to meet Helena Colde, a sort of black sheep of the family.
Helena: So is this your friend? Seems rather plain.
Galford: So why are you considered a black sheep?
Helena: My parents are the traditional types, all pompous. They were making a big deal about this Weiler kid that was coming around here, most likely some stuck-up snob.
Yang: Well... I think Galford is that kid...
Helena: Oh, I'm sorry about that, it's just that alot of these wealthy families tend to be stuck up, considering themselves too high up for stuff like rave dancing. Oh! I guess you and Yang could stay by my family's house. Did you know that there are also raves in Japan? I heard about this girl there who was considered the "rave queen".
Yang: Really? What's her name?
Helena: Miho [Guess what webcomic I'm talking about, I'll put the answer at the bottom. why? simple: this webcomic 0wnz j00!]
Galford: Interesting, we should get going.
Helena: Oh, I forgot about that, they said that they would have some chef make a bunch of French dishes so Weiler there would be impressed.
Yang: Yeah!!! Things are going sweet!
Galford: I don't think you brought any formal wear Yang, am I right?
Yang: Oh I didn't think about that.
Helena: Oh I have a spare, since I'm used to guys who don't even have a suit. I take it Weiler, that you have some idea how to act right?
Galford: Yeah, my family's rather down to earth asides from the big mansion, but sometimes we have these formal occasions. I guess you can relate with me how sometimes being rich can be a serious drag.
Yang: Hey I do know about formal stuff, as if you didn't quite know, parents are somewhat famous movie stars. While my family didn't have it as long as you guys, I haven't quite gotten used to it, since it happened about a couple years ago.
Helena: I've got a idea: why don't you go talk with my parents when we get there, while Yang and me sort out a few preparations out.
Galford: I guess I could do that.
Helena: Make sure that you talk up a storm.
Yang: Is putting on a spare suit taking that long....
Helena: Let's just say you're really my kind of guy, after all aren't you up to doing some wild stuff?
Yang: Oh yeah! Chaos is my middle name! No really it is, I was told that I made quite a mess while I was born. I've got a quiet twin brother, but his mistress has him on a short lease.
Helena: Oh he's into that stuff? What's the story with the Weiler boy?
Yang: I don't know, he also got the cold shoulder by that girl I told you about, that and he has a guardian spirit that's the girl's great-great-etc. aunt!
Helena: I wouldn't be surprised if he had the hots for that spirit.
Galford, blushing: What!?!
Nakoruru: !!!!
Yang: Whoa!!! That's extreme even by my standards.
Helena: Judging by his reaction, that isn't that far from the truth, it'd be foolish to even think about that unless somehow he could bring her back to life.
Galford: Is such stuff possible?
Helena: I heard something about an archive on the Aniu Island that deals with that sort of stuff, when I went to the national library, I checked out a book with some stuff about this archive.
Yang: I guess man, you're lucky, since aren't you planning to go there?
Galford: I guess.... (She hit it right on the nail, but I can't go and admit that to her....I might lose the best friend I ever had if I do that...)
Helena: I'll drive over to my parents
>The Colde Mansion
Jean Claude (Helena's father): So you're from the Weiler family?
Galford: Yes, sir, I'm here on a trip to see the world.
Jean Claude: It's rather rare to see people these days with the sort of taste for adventure. I doubt that you give your family grief like Helena does, her and these "raves"
Ann Marie: And these men she dates, no manners and refinement at all, and she snubs the men we set her up with.
Galford: I hope I'm not rude, but I think that sometimes people find a path different from what's given to them. My father is mainly concerned with my happiness and well-being, other than that, he let me do as I will.
Jean Claude: You mean that we shouldn't get on her nerves about her activities?
Galford: Not totally, I know that being part of the wealthy half requires certain things, if she does that when those times come, there shouldn't be much problem.
Ann Marie: So a nice man must be taken, someone with such manners.
Galford: Well, I'm not quite into the whole Rave thing, that and she met a friend of mine, lively, but sure to act right when the time comes. (I hope).
<The Doorbell sounds, and Helena's at it although a bit worked up>
Ann Marie: Helena, you're home.
Helena: Sorry about being a bit late, but I had to rest a bit after quite the dance session.
Jean Claude: I hope you had fun dancing.
Helena: yes I did, what's with the change of heart?
Ann Marie: Galford, being such the nice kid he is talked to us about it, and we figured as long as you don't act improper at occasions, what you do is your business.
Helena: Oh don't start, since we'll have an extra guest. Dad, you know those movies you like watching, like "Blazing Fury", and "Dance of Doom"?
Jean Claude: Heheh I admit I can't get enough of those movies.
Ann Marie: Yes and it can get a bit silly at times, after all he buys subtitled tapes straight from Hong Kong.
Jean Claude: What a shame that no big studios are interested in bring the movies to the West, they really are talented artists.
Galford: I've been a friend to with their son, but I didn't know that.
Yang: Sometimes you have to make sacrifices so that you kids get the best. I still see them during the summers.
Helena: Yang! Mom, dad, this is Yang Kazama, my boyfriend!
Jean Claude: Oh! Please stay tonight! I want to hear all about your parents.
Yang: We can, but Galford and me got to go and check out of the hotel.
Galford: I guess I'll do that.
Jean Claude: Please do go to the back room, we'll just get the preparations and seeing about these "raves"
<they go into the back where the phone is>
Galford: Did you check in a room already?
Yang: No man, but I think I might have found the girl of my dreams, she's as wild as I am!
Galford: Please don't tell me...
Yang: Yep, let's just say that there was a different kind of dancing upstairs. She said I had some serious guts.
Galford: I thought it was a serious lack of sense.
Yang: Ouch, you should stop hanging with Ann so much. You getting as cold as her when it comes to remarks.
Galford: I hope that you weren't offended, Nako
Nakoruru: Oh, I guess that's to be expected, but I have a feeling that good things will come of this.
< Dinner Bell rings, and the 2 guys go to the dinning room>
>Dinning Room, dinner time
Jean Claude: Due the news of Michael Weiler's son, and the addition of Yang Kazama, I've hired a 5-star chef to cook up a 7-course dinner, with the best French dishes. I hope that this isn't too pompous.
Galford: No sir, this is why I'm traveling, seeing the sights, tasting the tastes.
Yang: I'd never had French cooking before, and as they say, Sir, one should be open to new things.
Ann Marie: What's taking her so long, she never cared about how she looked before, I hope since her boyfriend's here I really do hope she wears that dress I gave her for her 17th birthday.
Galford: Sir, do you know my father?
Jean Claude: He spent some time here, studying the laws of France, he was rather serious, even for the family tradition, about law enforcement. In fact I'm surprised at your manners, since he was quite a character back in his youth. How is he doing. the last I heard he got married a second time, so what happened to April?
Galford: She.....passed on in child birth.....having me.
Jean Claude: I am dreadfully sorry about that. I knew that he'd never go and dump her for another woman. I should really visit him sometime, and catch up.
Ann Marie: I'm wondering something Galford, What's so unusual about you?
Galford: Well, you heard of guardian Angels of course, but I can speak with my guardian spirit.
Jean Claude: I know of how the descendents of the warriors that fought against demons 300 years ago still have talents. So who is your guardian?
Galford: You won't be shocked or freaked out?
Ann Marie: Oh no, it must have done you good considering what happened early on, and how you act now.
Galford: She's Nakoruru.
Jean Marie: Not surprised one bit.
Ann Marie: What are you talking about dear.
Jean Marie: She was one of the first to start fighting, and Michael told me of how she and're named after him aren't you?
Galford: Yeah, you should ask dad about that story. Hey Ya- what's with the look on your face Yang?
< He looks in the same direction as Yang and sees Helena coming down the stairs in this fancy black dress>
Galford: Yang, snap out of it. Sir, would you mind allowing Yang an outburst, since that will get him to snap out of it.
Jean Claude: I guess it would be okay, since I guess in his mind it's warranted.
Galford: Okay Yang, you can say it.
Yang: ........Just incredible......fantastic.......
Ann Marie: Dear, what's that term you use when people get like that.
Jean Claude: Oh yeah, "Shizumaru Awe"
Galford: There's a term named after him?
Nakoruru: Yes, since the only thing Shizumaru told of that one time was the awe he was in, and there's Yang doing it again.
Helena: Sorry about taking so long, Mother and Father, but as you told me, it's important to put the best step forward.
Jean Claude: Since everyone's here, let's begin.
< everyone got seated, with the couples by each other, Jean Claude at the head, and Galford sitting at the other end>
Jean Claude: I do have to say your parents are quite talented. How does your mother handle the fireworks so well?
Yang: Family talent; if you thought they were impressive, you should try to see the ninja branch of the family, now those are some masters, but they're rather isolated.
Jean Claude: Why would that be?
Galford: I do believe sir, that it deals with being part of the Iga ninja clan and their guard detail of Aniu Island.
Ann Marie: Does that deal with that terrible man who ran Japan in the 50's?
Galford: Yes, Tojo Kibagami, to think he did this over a long standing grudge.
Helena: Against who? I've always wanted to know what drives people like him to do such things.
Galford: Against Rimururu and Shizumaru's family. He was finally stopped by a team of Hanzo Hattori, 15th in the line, Kanzo Yaguu, and Kyo Minazuki. Seems to be a pattern, how they fight, and it keeps on going on and on.
Ann Marie: You seem quite informed about it; only the Japanese national Library has that kind of information.
Galford: Well it helps to have a teacher that's seen it with her own eyes.
Jean Claude: Oh forgot about that. What a night. Oh what are your plans now, you 2?
Galford: I think I'll look around other European countries, China, Japan, and the Aniu Isle.
Yang: I really don't know now, I'd like to go with him, but...
Helena: Father, may I go with them? It'd be so fascinating to see all the sights.
Jean Claude: Ok, and it's not like I didn't know what was going upstairs while we were talking with Galford.
<The 3 young adults have looks of shock on their face>
Yang: Am I going to die soon?
Jean Claude: Pardon me for that outburst, still you showed quite some guts in doing that. I know of how her previous boyfriends ran away. Just don't do that again in this house.
Yang: Okay.......
Galford: Nothing gets pass him...... Looks like I'm gathering a lively group (kinda like that story of Irene's; what an interesting take on the events back then, though I could really do without that killing scene [Yes Irene, I'm making a reference to your fic in a fic])
Jean Claude: I guess you could stay here until you 3 got your travel plans together. I hope you get them done soon.
< they did just that, and now they are flying to china>
>Plane to China
Yang: Yeah I'm glad we're outta there, no offense Helen.
Helena: Oh, I'm shocked that my father would know about that even though Galford provided perfect cover.
Galford: I think if we're lucky, we might get to go to a King of the Fighters Match.
Helena: Oh you're into that? What are your favorite teams?
Galford: The lone wolves
Yang: I don't know, ever since Kyo disappeared, I haven't really had a favorite.
Helena: I guess the women's team. Do you guys have any goals?
Yang: I've thought I wanted to be a ninja, but that's too quiet, I think I might get trained in the arts, then become the biggest kung fu star there ever was!
Galford: I really don't know, I'm just traveling to see the world, show Nako the sights, and see what happens. Are you perhaps taking on that Rave queen you talked about?
Helena: I want to make the whole rave scene known to the world, that and show that this French girl can toxic waltz [Yes, this is an obscure reference to a song] as well as anyone!
Yang: I remember this party with all sorts of people, man it was wild.
Galford: I remember going there, odd thing was that I was the sober guy who choose not to get....lucky.
Yang: What a odd group of people, like those 4 guys, one was into shojo manga, one was into quake alot, and the last 2 were at each other's throats.
Helena: Oh I remember hearing about that, the oddest bunch of folks I've heard. It was called something like a "webcomic" party [Paying homage to one of the coolest things since Samurai Shodown: Webcomics]. Was it pretty wild?
Galford: Yeah it was, the worse were the girls there, and to think that Yang struck out with all of them, and they were rather loose.
Helena: He was lucky he didn't get some STD from those harlots..
Galford: I don't think you have any right to say that.....
Helena: I may have attempted to jump the bed with all my boyfriends, but I did it one at a time, not by the roomful!
Nakoruru: (Oh how things changed in the last 300 years, this is kinda fun...)
Galford: Still I wish those guys the best of luck, I remember the l33t guy getting drunk off his butt and proceeding to "frag" everyone else, but he passed out soon after, but not before dropping his pants! <Starts laughing> I'd like to see that again. I wonder if those guys will make it to Japan.
Helena: Yang, is it me or is
Yang: Yeah, he's a closet Otaku, in fact he's nuts about anything Japanese, even girls.
Galford: What? Can't an gajin appreciate the Japanese culture with out being ridiculed?
<A Young man in T-shirt and jeans pops behind the seats>
Young Man: Oh I couldn't help to overhear your talk. I must say that looks like a set up for something big indeed. And there is nothing wrong with liking Japanese culture at all. Still I can tell that you, Galford seem to be bigger things in the works. <Goes back to his seat>
Galford: (I think he's right, whoever he is)
Nakoruru: (He seems to have a familiar aura.....)
< the plane lands. They go looking around, having a good time, seeing the sights, even catching a fight sight>
>Chinese street
Yang: Damn shame that the King of the Fighters is closed to most people again.
Galford: Still this is a Street Fighter match. Still isn't like the old days...
Helena: What do you mean the old days?
Galford: I remember seeing on TV the great fights, such as Edmund Honda and Ryu. Now these days, the only fights really worth watching involve Ryu and Ken, and that's it.
Yang: Who's that girl in the Gi and Fuku mix?
Galford: I don't know, but I think my dad mentioned something about seeing a girl fight in a school uniform.
Helena: Wait a moment, I just saw a hadoken, isn't that only known..
Galford: Yep, that's Sakura all right, though a deal older.
< A man in a white Gi makes his way through>
Man: Pardon me. I don't believe she's still interested in me.
Yang: Who ARE you man?
Galford: I recognize you! Whoa! You're the legendary Ryu!
Ryu: Surprised to see people know who I am, with all this hoopla about Kyo Kusanagi.
Galford: Wow, I've gotta take a picture or something.
Ryu: No thanks, I prefer just sticking to the fights..
Yang: You 2 should take a look at this, it's turned into the mother of cat-fights.
Galford: What caused this?
Ryu: Figured this would happen...
Helena: You mean they saw you and are fighting over you?
Ryu: Yeah, still I'm the only interested in Sakura...
Galford: I guess you like cute girls too.
Ryu: Yeah, now I'll go and break this up..
<Goes and does that, and Ken walks up>
Ken: How many times have I told him not to break it's dangerous and it's pretty fun, seeing women clawing and westling each other, all we need now is some mud-Offf! <Falls down to the ground in pain>
Helena: What did you expect from saying something piggish in front of a 90's girl such as myself?
Galford: I think we should be going now.
Yang: Yeah, I'm with him.
<they leave for the hotel when a group of people go up to them>
Girl with purple hair: What's going on?
Yang: Catfight, and some guy's trying to break it up.
Boy with meat bun in hand: I think I should see if he's going to be okay....
Old man with a Sake jug: Don't beat around the bush! Just admit you want to see a catfight like most men!
<the group leaves>
Helena: Something up, Galford?
Galford: Yeah, we just spoke to the psychic team!
Yang: Quite a day...
Helena: Or just an cameo-holic author at work....Hey you! Couldn't you make it that my dad didn't know about that night!?
Author: It's funnier that way; same reason why I went with the Sogetsu/Cham Cham pairing despite people's protests.
Helena: All right, laugh at this! <Knees the author straight in the nuts>
Galford: You know, this might interfere with the story
Yang: What should we do until he recovers?
Nakoruru: The usual stuff
Galford: You mean singing your and Melfina's praises?
Nakoruru: No, plug some stuff.
Helena: If you think these fics are funny, go to to find his other works, remember, look under the name Duran the Warrior.
Galford: And for funny webcomics, go to A) for some funny Otaku/Gamer related goodness and B) for some funny, if mature stuff. That and for commentary on gaming that's funny,, and tell them Strider Maverick sent you!
Yang: That and some fics you shouldn't read especially if you like certain characters.
Galford: Since that'd lead to taking on someone who can't be beat, not even the author could defeat him, in fact he turned the attack back at him.
Nakoruru: Are you all right now?
Author: Yeah, now on to Japan, and let's fix the 3rd or 4th wall.
Everyone Else: Okay!
<they flew to Japan the next day, and there they stop by a game store, then they went and aided Shen Tachibana on a quest>
>Japanese road
Shen, (Much like Ukyo, but with black hair and brown pants): ...What's with the sudden cut to the scene?
Helena: I kneed the author in the groin.
Shen: ...Oh, I am seeking the Demon Flower.
Galford: What for?
Shen: ...To give to Yoko...ruru
Galford: ! We'll help, we'll even take you to Aniu Island, since we're headed there, and I'm Galford M. Weiler
Yang: Yang Kazama
Helena: I am Helena Colde.
Shen: ...We should be getting close.... <Coughs up a bit of blood>
Helena: Something wrong?
Shen: Just ill...nothing to worry...about...just content to hang Yokoruru does...for she is... the next maiden...of light.
Galford: So that's what Hanzo was talking about!
Nakoruru: I really need to speak with Winururu about this; she shouldn't put her daughter in my place!
Galford: We'll do that when we get there, for now, let's help Shen out.
<they come up to a place with a large and evil looking gate........covered with pictures of N*Sync and other evil things>
Yang: This is evil, since it even has a picture of Joan Rivers nude.
<everyone collectively vomits, even the author, and they see a black knight come up>
B.Knight, from Monty Python and the Holy Grail: No one shall pass unless they defeat me.
Shen: ...It's go...time.
Galford: Wait! You can't fight in-
Shen: ...I know I can fight in my condition...I ill...but I can...still...fight.
<they start fighting and easily Shen lops off the Knight's arm>
Shen: ...please give...up
B.Knight: Tis but a flesh wound, and I still got one arm.
<Shen lops that off>
B.Knight: I'll kick you to death!
<Shen proceeds to lop off his legs and they go leaving the dismembered knight>
B.Knight: Come on! I'll bite you to death! This is sad really, I was a hit in England, now I'm this is guy's fanfic where no one will even get the reference. It's a man's life being a Monty Python character.
English Army guy (From the Monty Python the series): Hey! That's the slogan for the English army, so knock it off or I'll blow your head off!
<they proceed through the cave, though not all that dangerous, just really freaky until they got the flower, that's when the army of evil appeared (think boy bands, Britney Spears, Lara Croft, etc armed for battle)>
>"Gate of Hell"
Galford: I think we're in trouble...
Shen: Yes...we'
Yang: Helena, there's some things I've wanted to say to you...
Helena: I know...let's enjoy the last moments.
?????: Oh Look, Weiler and Kazama.....with a date!? I guess that means no H-pics for a month.
Galford: Akira! What're you doing here?
Akira: Well Ann and Aisha started their tour of the world, so I came to see what you were up to. We have a decent chance against them.
Young man from the plane (Imagine a brown-haired guy in a sort of ninja outfit with a cloak covering a part of his face and most of his upper body): I'll even the odds. Call me Strider Maverick, or the Observer! <in a deft move, he cuts down half the evil army with a wooden sword, easily putting Suzuka from Outlaw Star to shame> Now, show me that you're strong!
Akira: Aren't you going to help?
Maverick: I cannot aid too much, if you live I'll tell you of a tournament that's going to start in 2 years.
<As the 3 warriors charge, Maverick jumps back to where Yang and Helena are.>
Helena: Wait! You're that guy and the-
Maverick: Silence, dear lady, we can't be spoiling too many things too soon.
Yang: You're pretty good.
Maverick: That was just the start of my power. Yet with all this power I cannot be the hero or villain, just someone who observes and aids whatever side he wishes to a point.
< So far Galford has just cut down the boy bands, while Shen took care of Lara Croft, and while Akira is wiping his face after cutting down the rest>
Akira: So they were fake after all!
Shen: ...What evil...
Galford: Yeah! I think it might have been easier I took Poppy along, but I wasn't expecting any fights.
Maverick: Then again I think "he" summoned them to stop you 3.
Akira: Why us?
Maverick: You pose a threat to him.
Galford: Who?
Maverick: A member of the Yamgami clan now. Marokpow Yamgami, a very powerful black magician.
Galford: Could we just leave him be?
Maverick: Funny, but he has the star orb in his possession, and I have a feeling young Weiler, that you want that rather badly.
Akira: What is this star orb?
Maverick: It's a relic that grants the bearer his or her heart's can even resurrect the long dead.
Galford: So it can do anything. (Maybe that is how I'll repay her....)
Akira: What about this tournament?
Maverick: It's a weapon-based one, most of the best sword fighters are there, in fact there is another warrior here, isn't that right, Helena Colde, trained in the way of Colde-style fencing!
Helena: He is good. It was pretty much a hobby.
Maverick: I'd like to speak to Helena, Akira, Shen and Yang alone, so Galford and Nakoruru, please leave.
Galford: He really is good. <leaves>
Yang: What is it that you ask of us?
Maverick: Simple; enter the tournament, since the world needs another hero or heroine, and I'm looking for that person, at the least you 2 would help find him.
Helena: I hope that you're not entering as well.
Maverick: Any matches against me will be a bonus and non-eliminatory.
Yang: Good that means that you mop everyone else up.
Maverick: I can be beaten, but not by just anyone. I have to admit something kinda scary.
Yang: What would that be?
Maverick: Marokpow is more powerful than I am, so in order for the hero to succeed, he needs to beat me. Don't tell anyone else that, since I will tell the hero when the time comes.
Shen: I to join too...but I'm going there...for my own reasons.
Maverick: I'll be going along with you 5, since this is starting to look most interesting.
Akira: So who are the ones most likely?
Maverick: You and Galford, I look forward to seeing how well you do against me.
Akira: What!?
Maverick: I know that you'll perform good enough to warrant a fight against me. Well, I'll be going ahead of you, that and don't expect to see me again until the tournament.
Yang: But!
Maverick: I'll be on Aniu Isle, but I'll be observing.
Yang: Wait! What about Helen, Shen, and Me?
Maverick: You 3 may be fairly powerful, skilled or both, but those with superior skill, power, and spirit will prevail. So long...
< Leaves, then the others leave the cave as well. They make it to the Aniu Isle>
>Aniu Village (With the sign "This name will be changed to something better at a later date -June 15, 1945")
Galford: Ah, we're here at last!
Akira: I think that Ann would want to be here, since she has family here.
Yang: Standing here is great and all, but let's get moving!
Helena: I don't know Yang, I kinda like this change of pace, but a place isn't really complete without a sort of dance floor.
Shen: ...Still Impressive...
Gatekeeper: What's your business? State name, nationality, and reason for coming here
Galford: Galford M. Weiler, American, visiting Hanzo and his family.
Akira: Akira Tomura, Japanese, Accompanying the group.
Gatekeeper: Good, you 2 may pass, please pardon this, but this is a peaceful place and not all that well guarded. Even though that Tojo Kibagami is no more, there are still people with grudges. Oh! Shen, you may pass too.
Shen: ...Thanks.
Yang: What you let him through for?
Gatekeeper: He's a constant visitor here.
Yang: Yang Kazama, Japanese-American, visiting my Japanese side of the family.
Gatekeeper: Oh! You must be looking for Shippu, so might you have any idea how's his daughter's doing?
Yang: She's doing great right now.
Helena: Helena Colde, French, accompanying Yang. You must be one of the Iga ninja right?
Gatekeeper: Yes I am, ever since the longest time ago; we've been guarding them. I think it was a sort of deal between the first Hanzo Hattori and Galford D. Weiler. You 2 may pass now.
<They went their separate ways, now we'll see Galford, Akira and Shen going to Winururu's house>
Shen: I know the way...this way
<they tend go that way and they meet a woman who appears to be in her 20's at the door.
Woman: Oh Shen! How are you doing and who are the other 2 young men with you. Oh! I'm sorry I am Winururu Hattori, or as some people call me, Winu the crazy woman.
Nakoruru: So I take it you're doing well, I'm glad to hear that. I've been busy with a few things.
Winururu: Oh let me guess the boy with the green eyes must be related to the Weilers.
Galford: That's right, Galford M. Weiler.
Akira: Miss, I am Akira Tomura. You seem to talk as if you've lived a good deal of years, yet you don't seem all that old.
Winururu: Oh, I'm 36, it's a sort of blessing in disguise.
Galford: Oh I get your point.
Akira: What are you talking about?
Galford, whispering to Akira: Not to sound rude, but women in her family don't really have all that many curves, but they age a good deal slower than ordinary women.
Akira, whispering back: Oh, no wonder Ann has to take her ID everywhere, she looks about 14-15.
Nakoruru: What are you 2 whispering about?
Galford: Just guy stuff, it'd be really rude if we said it out loud.
Akira: Yeah, it's nothing of interest to you.
Winururu: Oh have you 2 ever run into a girl named Aisha? Ever since she moved away, my son has been having weird dreams.
Galford: What's the story between your son and Aisha?
Winururu: Since they were children of ninja, they wound up as play mates, and they grew rather close, not really common among kids at that age, then about 4 years ago, her father sent her off to the US to learn about stuff, but I don't know if they taught her any English beforehand.
Galford: Nope they didn't.
Winururu: Oh, I'm going to have a word with her father. Oh! I forgot to have my husband come out here. HANZO COME OUT HERE, THE WEILER BOY'S HERE! AND BRING HISAME AND YOKO OUT!
<Hanzo and the 2 kids come out>
Hanzo: Sorry about that, she can be a bit loud. Don't tell me Galford, the reason you came here is so Nakoruru could visit my wife's family. Here are my 2 children, Yokoruru.
Yokoruru (Girl with dark red hair, in normal Aniu garb): Oh Shen, is that...the demon flower?
Shen: ...Yes.
Yokoruru: Tell me all about the journey, come on! <Leaves dragging Shen away>
Hanzo: She's 18, and here's my youngest son at 14, Hisame
Hisame (A brown-haired boy): Hello, do you know anything about my best friend?
Galford: Yeah, she's doing fine, but I don't know where she is at the moment.
<Rings are heard>
Akira: Oh, that's my cell phone <Opens it up and starts talking> Oh really? That's great! There's a good amount of people that want to see you 2. See ya then, Ann, bye <Closes>
Galford: What did Ann say?
Akira: Her next stop is Japan, and the next performance is in 2 days!
Winururu: Ann?
Akira: Yeah, Annruru, a distant relative of yours. She's going to be in Japan soon.
Galford: Seems like we and her family, and Yang's family are going over there, but how are we supposed to get that many tickets?
Akira: My father still got alotta clout in Japan; I think I can pull a few strings.
Hanzo: Galford, do you mean that Anururu and Shippu's daughter are doing a song performance.
Akira: Yeah, they call themselves AA, not real sizable, really entertaining and now popular.
Galford: Let me guess, Ann though that up.
Akira: Yep.
Hanzo: We'd rather not go; we'll just wait until you bring them over here.
Hisame: But I'm going no matter what!
Galford: that does not surprise me, since I've got a really good female friend too.
Winururu: Hisame, you forgot to say hi to the honored maiden.
Hisame: You mean she's here right now? Shouldn't Yoko be here, since she looks up to Nakoruru. Hi Nakoruru!
Nakoruru: Hello Hisame, Winu, you do have kinda odd naming tastes.
Winururu: It was not my fault that he reminded me so much of Shizumaru.
Nakoruru: Why did you put your daughter in my place?
Winururu: Since I found out about the star orb in the archive, I started thinking on how you deserve a end to your duty, Yoko chose that of her own free will.
Galford: Can that relic really want any wish?
Winururu: Yes it can, but it's in the possession of that Yamgami wizard.
Galford: So it seems that to get that, I'll need to enter the tournament.
Winururu: Yes it does. How about you guys go and talk your guy talk while me and Nakoruru talk girl talk. YOKO! COME HERE!
<She comes running up>
Yokoruru: What is it, Mother?
Winururu: Nakoruru's here!
Yokoruru: Wow!, Sorry, Shen, but I've got to go, thank you guys for helping him!
Galford: You're welcome.
Winururu: And honey, yell at Shippu for sending his daughter off without any english lessons.
Hanzo: Yes dear <the 3 generations of ruru girls go inside> I love her, but woe betide the poor soul that angers her.
Galford: That has to be scary, since you're Hanzo Hattori, a guy capable of opening up cases of whup ass on all the action stars today.
Hanzo: Hello Akira, did you and Galford duel yet?
Akira: Yes, it was rather disappointing, but he didn't know the proper strategy.
Galford: Yeah, Nako knew, but didn't tell me until after the match, but I've gotten a lot better.
Akira: I could tell that in the fight against those evil fiends, you kept up with us.
Hanzo: Shen, do you still insist on not taking that cure that's been prepared.
Shen: ...Should Yoko...chan....pass.... on...I want.... to follow...
Galford: You know... that just put a chill in my spine.
Akira: What for?
Hanzo: Simple, his namesake could have done that very easily! Let's go meet your other 2 friends Galford.
<they go over to Shippu's house>
>Shippu's House
Shippu: Hello, I am Shippu Kazama, the wind ninja, I wield the wind sword, "Bakkyo".
Hanzo: Next time you send someone to the US, teach them English, since Aisha had a hard time there due to that, and be lucky that it wasn't my wife here now.
Shippu: For that I am grateful, for she hasn't quite forgiven me about sending Aisha off, and causing her son be depressed. I've been talking to Yang and his girlfriend, and it seems that he's interested in the arts of the ninja.
Hisame: .............
Yang: Yeah. I told him about all that happened with his daughter and my side of the family.
Galford: Oh yeah, she's going to be in Japan for a couple of days, most of us are going to the performance. Let me see, me, Akira, Hisame.
Yang and Helena: You forgot us!
Shen: ...I think that Yoko...would like to come...too...
Galford: So far 7...
Shippu: I'll come with too, it's been while, that and I think I may have to do some apologizing.
Galford: 8, this sounds like quite a party.
Helena: Japan... If this performance is as big as I think it may attract....her.
Akira: Who?
Yang: Miho, the rave queen.
Akira: You people and that rave stuff...
Yang: Hey man, we don't drink or do drugs, unlike you and that sake.
Helena: Yeah, if you dare start having Ann dress up as a geisha to get more, Galford's going to kill you.
Galford: Hey! Stop putting words in my mouth, and it's going to be Winururu that does that, someone tells her that a member of her family's being messed with, and she's go apesmack on them.
Hanzo: Scary part is that it's really true. Who ever thought that such a vicious temper would behind such a sweet face?
Hisame: I guess we should feel sorry for Shen, since Yoko has such a temper.
Hanzo: Hey! It's not her fault that you played that joke on her. What made you think that having the trainees take their baths in the family pond!
Hisame: But dad, they forced me to; otherwise, they'd use those moves you were teaching them.
Shippu: Would you do that my daughter as well?
Hisame: No, you've never been on the receiving end of one of her..."times".
Helena: Hey, it's not like we ask for it you know!
Hisame: Still Miss, it's not pleasant taking out the soiled clothes.
Galford: Oh boy...
Hisame: Oh, Nakoruru says that she's done, and that temper seems to be from her sister's side.
Galford: ...whew
Akira: I guess I'm glad that Ann didn't really get it.
Hanzo: Well Hisame, go and get your sister and come back stay here, since your mother and me has some business to speak with Galford here.
Akira: What's this business.
Hanzo: It concerns only him.
Galford: Just us 3?
Hanzo: Yeah
Galford: Is that okay?
Nakoruru: Oh sure, I've been meaning to have tea with Basara and his wife, bye!
Galford: Let's go
>Hanzo and Winururu's place
Galford: What's so important that only I have to hear it.
Winururu: The matter between you and Nakoruru.
Galford: What!? We're just the-
Hanzo: Yeah it seems like that, but it seems it may become more than just friends.
Winururu: Yes, I noticed her mentioning you a lot in a positive light.
Hanzo: So the only sensible thing is to some how make her alive again.
Galford: I was planning to enter that tournament anyways for many reasons, giving her a second lease on life, the rematch with Akira. I do admit I've started to have feeling for her, but my main goal is to ensure her happiness no matter whom she ends up with.
Hanzo: How does spending the 2 years training here sound?
Galford: I'd like that alot, since I know it isn't going to be child's play.
Winururu: I'm wondering about Hisame though.... since I think after this summer, Aisha has to go back to school....
Galford: I think he could stay at my house, if you're not opposed to him living in a rather unnatural state.
Hanzo: He isn't a stranger to modern living, I take him with on trips to Japan when I speak with the head of Japanese secret guard, Shinji Yaguu, and he goes into arcades, he's gotten the name "samurai", since we still haven't really advanced the fashion, that and I really don't have much spare money.
Galford: I think my Dad would be glad to buy him some stuff.
Hanzo: I'd imagine since your father and me go way back to the days where we were young and idealistic.
Galford: I think I'll ask everyone else what his or her plans are for the next 2 years.
>Later in the day, in front of Winururu's house.
Galford: Well, I'm going to stay here for the next 2 years, what would your plans be?
Akira: I'd most likely be at home, training, since due to Aisha's school stuff, Ann's going to be there too.
Yang: Helena and me are staying here too. That means that you won't be bored when you're not training.
Shen: Seems...that this will be a training center...
Hisame: What about me?
Galford: Well I am thinking about having you live with my father so you and Aisha could go to school together. How is the education here?
Hisame: On par with Japanese schools, I know how to speak English, Aniu, and Japanese. And I'm taking up the family style with a few ninja tricks.
Galford: Oh, fighting with an umbrella?
Hisame: Yes, since mother warned me about the Kibagami's
Galford: I've got an idea: how about you spar with Akira while in the US? He's among one of the best swordsmen I know.
Akira: I have no problem with that; hopefully life in America doesn't distract him too much.
Hisame: What do you mean?
Galford: There's many things to do in the US, most of which you can do at my house, but don't go looking in the closet.
Akira: I guess you look at those too. It's nothing to worry about; I think almost every guy does that, maybe except Hisame here.
Galford: I guess the next 2 days we stay here, then after that we do our own things until the tournament, any objections?
<Silence is heard>
Galford: I guess some of us need to contact our parents for certain things, like trusty canine sidekick, or equipment.
<Time passed rather uneventfully, with Hisame anxious, most other people training>
>Day of the performance, the club
Bouncer: Oh you're the VIP group, go right in, and free of charge.
Akira: I guess it seems that Ann seems to have pulled the strings this time.
<the group goes in and goes to the back stage>
>Backstage room
Aisha, in a short, rather tight dress: Hey Ann, hurry up
Anururu, from the back: Oh sure it's easy for you to dress up, but we have important guests including that boy you like.
Hisame: Aisha!?
Aisha: !!! Hisame!! Oh how I missed you!
< they run and hug each other, and start talking>
Shippu: I'm not surprised at all.
<Anururu comes out in a t-shirt and jeans>
Anururu: So I guess pretty much the whole gang's here. Now where is Yin?
Yang: Yikes
Helena: Oh.... so I'll meet your brother's mistress...
Galford: Don't tell me you in-
Anururu: I did. I figured that the old gang could be together, and who might you be Miss?
Helena: Yang's girlfriend, and I guess you're the "cold girl"
Anururu: Yeah, I can be like that.
Galford: It's nothing compared to what I've heard about Winururu and Yokoruru when they're ticked.
Yokoruru: Hey!
Anururu: You met them?
Akira: Yeah, nice people, just as long as you don't tick off those 2.
Shippu: Hello, I'm Aisha's father, I know I messed up by not teaching her English, but she seems to speak it rather well.
Anururu: I had to help my best friend, it may be true that Galford is a good friend, but there are just some things I can't say to him. She must really like him, for them to be talking like that.
Shippu: They were good friends, and sending her to the US pretty much earned me Crazy Winu's wrath.
Galford: I guess all's well now. Well, it seems that most of us are going to join the "5th Samurai Spirits" tournament, for various reasons. I forgot that Yoko was with us.
Yokoruru: So you're my distant cousin, a bit like looking in the mirror.
Anururu: Yeah, I kinda envy you though.
Yokoruru: Why?
Anururu: Your parents don't seem uptight about speaking to Nakoruru.
Yokoruru: To tell you the truth, I also envy your duty-free life, but if it'll help Nakoruru should she get a 2nd chance at life, so be it.
Anururu: Let me guess: Galford's planning on doing that somehow.
Galford: Yeah, the prize is the star orb, it can grant any one wish.
Anururu: I'd like to meet your mother.
Galford: That's the plan after this, unless you and Aisha have something else planned.
Anururu: Nope, this is the last stop, that way we won't have far to go there. We were planning on going there anyways before hearing how you and your group got there first. Ugh! I've got to pull those 2 apart, they make a good couple....kinda like 2 other people I know.
Helena: She means Galford and Nakoruru.
Galford, blushing: What!? I'm only doing this so she could choose! I don't have any intention of interfering in that!?
Nakoruru: (Oh, is he that determined to make me happy? It'd be quite a surprise to him that it'll be quite a bit easier than he thought, Well, Galford D. Weiler, if you're listening, I'm moving on like you have, he may seem similar to you, but he is more of a free spirit, edger for adventure. Maybe now I'll be able to live the life of a normal girl, no duties, free to feel love. I don't mean to sound like I'm disrespectful, but 300 years is a terribly long time to be alone...Hisame and Aisha, you have no idea how you 2 are together is similar to him and me...)
Galford: Something offended you?
Nakoruru: No, just thinking about things.
Shippu: Well Aisha, I'm sorry about what I did. I'll just wait back home. I never did like J-pop anyways <Leaves>
Anururu: Hey you 2, knock it off, it's almost time to go on! <Pulls the 2 apart>
Aisha: Oh sorry, Shizu, I've got to go, bye! <Starts walking out the door with Anururu>
Hisame: See ya after the show, Kawaii Neko!!
Yokoruru: Shizu? You don't mean she calls you that...
Nakoruru: I remember that, it's what Rimururu called Shizumaru, a very affectionate term. And it seems you return it, seems that you're growing up so fast.
Hisame, blushing: Um...
Galford: Don't sweat it. Move at your own pace.
Akira: Shouldn't we get going and into the VIP tables.
<They leave for the tables>
>Main room
< Everyone pretty much listens to them sing various songs, including an original one called "Come back to me, my samurai", while it seems Akira and Hisame were on another planet, the 2 couples talked a bit while they listened. Galford? He though about the new feeling he had for his guardian>
Galford: (She always was there, I could always talk about most problems with her, and I know that it didn't seem like a duty at all to her, I should check) Do you consider watching over me a duty, Nako?
Nakoruru: No, not in the slightest, since it isn't really like a guardian and her charge, but-
Galford: A protective person and her friend.
Nakoruru: Yeah, oh look I'm picking up the dialect. Let's listen to the rest of the song.
Galford and Nakoruru: (I know what they had in mind when they made this...)
<the performance ends, and a man is hear; Hisame tries to deal with him about that>
Hisame: That's rather rude and disrespectful.
Man: Who cares, it ain't my fault that they're hot little pieces. I can tell by your appearance you're a descent of those 2...who made a mockery of my great ancestor Genjuro! Now you die.... boy. Name's Kyare Kibagami <Pushes him on the floor>
Hisame: Ack... What a time to be caught unarmed.
<Kyare draws his sword, but is stopped by The Observer>
Maverick: Wait, you 2, wouldn't it be better if this fight were a stepping-stone for something greater, like the star orb?
Kyare: That thing that grants wishes right?
Maverick: Yes. So how about you 2 wait until then, Ok?
Hisame: Yeah
Kyare: Sure, but remember, boy, you WILL die! <leaves>
Maverick: Hisame Hattori, I have a favor to ask.
Hisame: What would that be?
Maverick: Stay in the tournament after killing him, you won't win, but it will give a better show and you can help test Akira and Galford.
Hisame: Why are they so important to you?
Maverick: One of them is the hero that is needed now. I may be powerful, but not powerful enough and I cannot be the hero. So the battle of the ages will play out again...
Hisame: Wow sir, you know a lot don't you.
Maverick: I have knowledge of things that men would kill for. Well I've got to go, still a few more folks to bring to it. <Leaves as everyone else comes up>
Aisha: You all right?
Hisame: Yeah, thanks to that man
Galford: Maverick.... did he say anything to you or that guy?
Hisame: Yeah he wanted us to fight in the tournament; but that guy's a Kibagami, and the biggest thing is that this Maverick guy said that I was going to win, but I've got to train hard anyways, hopefully I'll end the feud once and for all!
Akira: Kibagami.........I remember that, I think that was the name of Haohmaru's rival, but he got slain by a boy.
Hisame: more like a demon...that's how it started, Shizumaru slaying Genjuro in Rimururu's defense and since then generations have been fighting each other, my family wins always, but there's always another one, even this caused the Aniu hunt.
Galford: Yeah...but how do you know that he hasn't done something that will result in the patter of little Kibagami feet?
Hisame: Just a feeling, that and another one that's rather sickening, for that I'd rather talk to you and Akira about that.
<Everyone else steps into the backstage room, now the 3 young men are in the now abandoned room>
Galford: What's this second feeling?
Akira: Does it involve the catcalls he was making?
Hisame: Yes...I think he's after Aisha.
Akira: Galford, there's going to a change of plans: he'll be staying with me.
Galford: Yeah, that'd be good, I know how intensely you train, and it'll do me good to match it.
Hisame: It seems that I'll have to take out the "Minazuki Ratsetsu style" scroll, a scroll meant for such a battle.
Galford: I know what those moves concern...a little knack in the males of your family.
Hisame: Yes.... the demon aspect.... no matter how many generations pass, it never weakens, and it tends to come out when fighting a Kibagami
Galford: Well we can't keep them waiting.
<They go back, and 3 people come in>
Irene: Look what you 2 done now.
Both Yin and Scott (A guy in dark clothing): We're sorry Mistress.
Irene: Now we'll have to explain why we're late.
>Preview of next chapter
Shizumaru: The tournament is here at last.... many questions will be answered
Rimururu: Like what is that Strider Maverick guy up to, or who will be the hero.
Shizumaru: Will Hisame live happily ever after or will death and pain await him.
Rimururu: That and Will Helena beat the rave queen? And most importantly, will sister get her happy ending?
Both: Whatever the case, it will be intense!
>Omake: part 1: the cute couple cosplaying as CCS characters.
Rimruru, dressed up as CardCaptor Sakura: Hey Shizu. Come out already!
Shizumaru, off stage: I'm looking for something that won't make me feel like a fool.
Rimruru: Hurry up!
Shizumaru, coming on stage: This is good!
Rimururu: I though that you were going to be Li/Lee.
Shizumaru, dressed up as Sakura's Brother's Friend whom Sakura had a crush on: I couldn't be a jerk towards you so I dressed up in this. This is kinda funny, how I'm cosplaying as an older person and you're doing it as a younger person.
Rimururu: Aren't I cute?
Shizumaru: Yep, some might say too cute. <Both walk off stage>
>Omake 2: Helena vs. Miho: the battle of the Rave Divas
Helena: You ready to lose?
Miho: I'm on a roll; I beat these 2 hotshots on the computer.
Helena: It's pretty cool how there's a rave edition of DDR
Miho: Now the battle begins.
<they start playing against each other, until it reaches a frenzy so bad the arcade shorts out>
Miho: I guess this would be a draw.
Yang: And I though my steps were destructive.
Helena: I would have won if the black out didn't happen.
>Omake 3: SS meets DMC
Shizumaru: Now we interview Dante, half-demon hero from Devil May Cry, from Capcom.
Rimruru: Which is most likely where the next SS game's coming from.
Shizumaru: So what makes you the "baddest of the bad?"
Dante: Let me see wicked guns, wicked blades, and the ability to become this badass demon. What's on your end?
Shizumaru: Oh an umbrella, sword, a cool scar, the ability to power myself up, an angel of a girlfriend, and a nice adoptive family.
Dante: Brother...
<He starts bawling his eyes out until Rimururu tries to comfort him>
Rimururu: It's okay, there's still- HEY! Get you hand off of my butt! If anyone's going to be putting his or her hands there, it's Shizu!
<Dante looks at the now enraged Half-demon samurai>
Shizumaru: Messatsu
Dante: Doesn't Akuma say that?
Shizumaru: Yeah, and prepare to face the wrath of the raging demon!
Dante: Oh...S___..........
<POW WHAM, BOOM, SLASH, SLICE, BLAM! We see the couple walking away from Dante who is badly beaten, and with a super atomic wedgie>

Chapter 4

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