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King Galford's Excellent Adventure
by Ophelia

Once upon a time in a kingdom in a far away land there lived a King. King Galford was a good king, but he was just a very strange man at times. King Galford lived alone with his daughter Princess Rimururu since his wife had mysteriously vanished after their daughter was born. Princess Rimururu was good kid but she got bored with palace life and she just wanted to get away from it all and be a normal girl. She always looked down at the nearest town and longed to go there. Meanwhile not far from the palace lived a boy named Shizumaru. Shizumaru was an orphan so he lived all alone on the streets in the worst part of the town. The only place he had to call home was an empty trashcan in a lonely alley. Shizumaru was completely broke and he couldn't find work since he was too young so he had to think of ways to survive. Shizumaru looked pretty dirty so no one wanted him around. The local vendors would all chase Shizumaru away since they thought he was going to try and steal their food like all the other street kids in town. One day Sogetsu the fish vendor thought Shizumaru was going to try and steal some fish, so he picked up a nice big trout and whacked Shizumaru across the face with it. "NOW GET OUT OF HERE YOU LITTLE THEIF!"yelled Sogetsu and he attempted to whack Shizumaru with the trout again. Shizumaru ran away as quickly as he could and hid in his trash can. "Every day is exactly the same!"thought Shizumaru "Getting chased by vendors and...".
That sentence went unfinished because right on cue the town bullies picked up Shizumaru's trashcan/house and rolled it down the steepest hill in town. "Hahahaha!Look at him go!"laughed Cham Cham as she rolled the trashcan down the hill. The other bulliest laughed as they watched poor Shizumaru go bouncing and crashing all the way down the hill. "Rimururu are you wearing you mittens?"asked King Galford "Did you remember to take you vitamins, make you bed, eat your breakfast, and put out your clothes for the whole next month?". "Clothes for next month?"asked Princess Rimururu "Why should I do that?". "Oh didn't I tell you?"said King Galford "I invited Prince Kazuki over for the whole next month". "What!?"screamed Princess Rimururu "Last time he was here, he set the court jester Kyoshiro on fire!". Right on cue, Kazuki popped in and said "Hey Rimmy! Wanna go burn some trees for fun?". "Now have fun kids"said King Galford as he walked out "I've got to go have a talk with my royal dog Lady Poppy". Prince Kazuki grabbed Princess Rimururu and dragged her off on one of his pryomaniac adventures. "HELP!!!!"thought the Princess "I need to get out of here and fast!!!". Shizumaru sat in his trashcan that evening and tried to think of a way to make his life better. "I can't go on like this"thought Shizumaru "The only person who ever gives me anything is Haohmaru the town drunk, but I don't want liquor". He closed his eyes and hoped that the next day would be better. "I'm here Chef Jushiro"said the young maid "I'm ready to go out and buy the eggs and milk you need to make your delicious pancakes". Royal Chef Jushiro suspiciously eyed the girl since he had never seen her before but he assumed that she was has just been hired. "Get me a two dozen eggs, a gallon of milk, and some oranges"said Chef Jushiro as he handed the girl a basket. The maid took the basket and walked out as quickly as possible. "Yes!"laughed Princess Rimururu once she was out of the castle "It worked!". She was free to do as she wanted and King Galford couldn't stop her. Shizumaru was walking down the same street when he saw Rimururu."She's so pretty"thought Shizumaru "She must be new in town". Shizumaru shyly approached Rimururu and he introduced himself to her "M-m-my name is Shizumaru"he said "Are you new in town?". Rimururu was surprised by the cute redheaded boy so she simply nodded and said "I'm new in town". Shizumaru was so into Rimururu that he hadn't noticed that he was standing dangerously close to a pink grapefruit stand belonging to a short tempered man named Genjuro. Genjuro assumed that Shizumaru would try and steal his fruit so he grabbed the boy by the hair, shoved him into a trash can, and took him to the edge of town. "AND STAY AWAY FROM MY PINK GRAPEFRUIT STAND!!!"yelled Genjuro as he rolled the trashcan down the usual hill. Genjuro was alot stronger than Cham Cham so the trashcan went rolling down with more force and this time it rolled right into a cave. Rimururu was frightened so she simply ran back all the way back to the castle. Shizumaru crawled out of the trashcan and saw that he was all alone in the deep dark cave. He saw a dim light so he followed it thinking that it could be the way out. Instead he ran into a pretty lady holding a candle in the cave. She told him that she was looking for a bottle with lots of pretty jewels on it. Shizumaru offered to help her look for it so they searched for hours. The bottle didn't turn up after several hours and they were tired so Shizumaru slumped down to rest. He felt something and he picked it up and looked at it. It was a dusty old bottle but as soon as he rubbed the label, there was a bright flash of light and the woman was blasted out of the cave. Shizumaru panicked and was about to start screaming when he saw a pretty blonde woman standing in front of him. She was very pretty woman and she wore very unusual puffy pants, a short vest, a fez, and veil over her face. "Who are you?"asked Shizumaru "Where did you come from?". "My name is Charlotte"said the woman "I'm a genie and now you get three wishes". "Can you get me out of here?"asked Shizumaru "I can't find my way out". Charlotte snapped her fingers and when Shizumaru opened his eyes he was back at home in his trashcan. "I wonder if that boy is okay?"thought Princess Rimururu as she thought of Shizumaru "He seemed so nice". Princess Rimururu was locked in her room since she didn't want to see her father or crazy Prince Kazuki. "Yahoo!"yelled Prince Kazuki as he swung by Princess Rimururu's window, like a crazy version of Tarzan. That evening Shizumaru was asleep but he was talking in his sleep. "Rimururu"muttered Shizumaru "Rimururu". Charlotte overhead the whole thing even though she was in her bottle. Luckily Shizmaru kept sleeptalking and he ended up explaining who Rimururu was and that he wanted to see her again. Charlotte once again snapped her fingers and when Shizumaru woke up, he was dressed in fine clothes(still in his trashcan) and when he stumbled out of his trashcan there was a white horse right there for him. "That girl Rimururu is a Princess"said Charlotte "So the only way you can be near her is by being a prince". Shizumaru couldn't believe his ears at all! Rimururu was a Princess! He nervously gulped and picked up Charlotte's bottle and tucked it into his sash. He rode off to the castle where Gaira and Tam Tam the royal guards, let him in since he looked like a prince. Shizumaru rode in and stopped at the main gate. King Galford was strangely enough glad to see Shizumaru and he invited him into the castle. He showed Shizumaru around the castle and when they stopped by the royal sorcerer's quarters, there was trouble in store. The royal sorcerer Amakusa recognized Shizumaru and Charlotte's bottle, while Shizumaru recognized him too. "I want you to meet the royal sorcerer Amakusa"said King Galford "He's a genius when it comes to spells for keeping away evildoers" "YOU!"they both yelled at the same time when they saw each other. Amakusa made a dive for Charlotte's bottle and pretty soon they were both wrestling each other and fighting over the bottle. "It's mine!"yelled Amakusa "You stole it from me!". "I found it!"said Shizumaru as they struggled "Finders keepers!". King Galford quickly went running and got Princess Rimururu, Prince Kazuki, and Lady Poppy so they could enjoy the show. "Shizumaru!"cried Princess Rimururu "What are you doing here!?". Shizumaru thought quickly and gave Amakusa a kick in the groin which caused him to let go of the bottle and it landed in King Galford's hands. King Galford rubbed it and Charlotte popped out and said "You get three wishes". "Oooh!"said King Galford "I wish for a best friend *cough* preferably you*cough*". Charlotte freaked out and grabbed Kazuki and said "He can be your best friend". King Galford's eyes filled with tears and he hugged Kazuki and gurgled "Friend". Prince Kazuki screamed and tried to get away from the mentally unstable King. Prince Kazuki thought quickly and grabbed the bottle and said "I wish he'd go away!". Charlotte snapped her fingers and King Galford went flying into orbit and was never heard from again. Everyone just stood there in disbelief and just looked at the hole left in the roof. "I can't believe it"said Princess Rimururu "My father is gone". Suddenly everyone began to cheer and dance around from joy. King Galford was a nice guy but he hadn't been the same since he lost his wife. No one had the nerve to tell him that he was unfit to be king so they were forced to live with him. "Wait!"said Shizumaru "There's one more wish I want". "You know the drill"said Charlotte as she looked down at the boy. "I wish you would lose your powers!"said Shizumaru "You're dangerous lady!". Charlotte instinctively snapped her fingers but then she realized what he had said. It was too late though since she had just lost her powers and now she was just an ordinary woman. "Why don't we celebrate this with a feast?"asked Royal Chef Jushiro "A feast in honor of Queen Rimururu". Everyone in the entire kingdom was happy since they had a new Queen. Queen Rimururu sent Prince Kazuki home after the feast since he tried to set Hanzo the royal magician on fire. So Shizumaru and Rimururu got married and they live happily ever after.

The End

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