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Shards of Fate
by Ukyo Mishima
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Chapter 12

Part 1
March 2, 1790 - 20:45:12

       "Hehe...dead so soon, Ukyo? After that last battle, I wasn't expecting you to die so easily..."
"What...What happened?"
       The answers came to me as my mind became more stable. I had entered the castle. After passing a few 'obstacles' along the way, I got lost. Exactly how long I walked, run and 'toured', I don't know. All I know is it seemed like an eternity. The place was pitch black and I could barely see anything. It was also full of traps. I manage to escape them until I came across a room. I realized it was a dead end and turned back. Much to my surprise, the path I had taken disappeared. I was now in a sealed empty room with no way out. Then I realized the CEILING was closing in on me...Next thing I know, I'm back here at Homunculus's abysmal abode.
       "I took the liberty of bringing you here before you experience much pain."
"...T-thank you..."
       "Hmm...I suggest you should do a little research on the castle. Try to find out everything there is to know about it, most especially the traps and paths."
"And WHERE am I suppose to find 'research' material?"
       "Hehe...Not 'where', Ukyo, but 'WHEN'..."

June 14, 2003 - 14:40:34

       Hmph. Homunculus sent me to the right place-or time- all right.
"Suzuki library and art museum...D-UH..."
       I was in the same village as before. I was standing before a dome-like building, beautifully crafted with pillars around it. I was walking up the steps towards the entrance when I remembered Homunculus's golden rule: When in a different time, ALWAYS put your hood on. I felt like a criminal as I did. I look like a suspicious person. I wondered why Homunculus doesn't want my face to be seen but I had no time to ponder for long.
       As I continued up the stairs, I can't help but remember that name…I know I have read it some-oh yes! That old doctor's files. Could this be the man he was referring too? Possibly…ah, never mind.
       The interior was simply astounding. My mouth dropped open as I looked around. The ceiling was painted with images of angels innocently playing in the blue sky. A golden chandelier hung at the center. The floor was made of shiny white marble.
       Finally out of my trance, I began to wonder where to start. The place was huge. It'll take me all day-or maybe more than one day-to search for...I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR!!! Hoping to think of something, I looked around and noticed a brown table by the corner of the room. There was a woman bending over the table (I can see her red-polished nails beside a red purse on the table). Perhaps she can help me.
"Excuse me?"
       "Yes? Can I help you with anything sir?"
       For a second I couldn't move. I thought fate might be toying with me. It was her...the blue haired lady I saw in the hospital. And with her other hand...she was holding my sword.

Part 2 - 14:45:52

       I gripped my sword harder just to make sure it was still with me. Luckily, my cloak was long enough to keep it hidden from her view. So...this must be the reason why Homunculus insists me to put on my cloak!
       "Excuse me sir?"
"Oh...uh...I-uh-can you please help me? I need a book about-uh-Historical castles."
       "Oh, you're in luck."
"I-I am?"
       She placed the sword on the table. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I barely noticed her as she took out a book in the small shelf beside table.
       "This book was just returned a few hours ago. I was about to put it back in its proper pos...Sir?"
"Oh! Uh-yes-I g-guess I am...lucky..."
       She looked at me and seemed to notice I was eyeing on the sword. MY sword. just HAD to be! It even had the two blue rings at the tip of the scabbard! It HAS to be mine! Well, HAD BEEN mine. And she...she must be...
       She stood and picked up the sword, releasing me from my trance. My..she is very beautiful I have to say. She has a very seductive body to go along with it too. Ah, I'm glad my heirs got my good looks and great body! As I took notice of these things, I noticed the silver necklace on her neck. It's the one Asura gave me!
       This was TOO much of a coincidence. She HAS to be my descendant. A happy thought came to me. Well, I hadn't had any...uh...physical contact...not that…well, I mean recently…er…I'M JUST SURE I'M NOT A FATHER YET! This would mean that I'm going to live through this. For the first time in days, I felt peace of mind, a sort of assurance.
       She placed the sword under the table, probably in one of its compartments. Then she slid the book on the table towards me.
       "Here you are sir. I hope you like it."
"Japan's Hystorical Castles-Myths and Legends by...Hishigawa Suzuki?"
       My, his name seems to be everywhere!
       "Yes. That book was written by my husband, the founder of this place. He just left a few minutes ago."
       That was when I noticed the gold ring on her finger. I hope she's happy with this person, whoever he is.
"REALLY? I hope you don't mind me asking, but does he know anyone named Mr. Masamura?"
       "Why yes, he's a friend of ours."
"I see..."
       Something was tinkering in my head. It was like there was a link to all this, but there's a missing piece I have yet to discover. I would love t sit down for a while and mull about it, but I have other matters more important to do.
"Thank you. You've been very helpful miss…?
       She smiled at me before she answered.
       "Just call me Lynx."

Part 3 - 14:49:22 (Revelations part 1)

       I found myself a table and started browsing. It was easier than I thought. This book had a map of the castle and even the traps that was, at my time, present and working (Otherwise I wouldn't be here). Unfortunately, I didn't have any paper to write on. Making sure no one noticed, I ripped off the pages containing useful information. I stood and was about to leave when a strong wind blew my way. It was...strange. I looked around and noticed that it was only here that there was wind blowing. Moreover, there couldn't POSSIBLY be anyway that the wind could've entered. If so, it wouldn't retain its force this much. I turned to see another book on the table. Its pages flew freely as the wind continued to blow. I watched as the pages turn until finally the blowing stopped. Freaky...
       I carefully approached the book. I held my thumb on the page it was open as I closed it to see its title.
"Mystical Creatures and Celestial beings..."
       Judging by the title, I KNEW this was not going to be good. I exhaled as I prepared myself for whatever I was going to see. I opened it on the page again. As much as tried to lessen the surprise, I felt my eyes widen as I saw the drawing on the page.
       It was a sketch of three heavily clothed women with their faces hidden. The one at the center was sitting down and spinning a thread. On the left, another was holding it up and seems to be observing it. The one on the right was holding a pair of shears. All of them looked EXACTLY like the fortune teller I talked too! I closed my eyes for a while before reading the text below.


       A chill ran down my spine. I was TALKING to fate itself? Fate got angry with me?! Oh the thought raced inside my brain, her-or their-last words echoed within me.
       I closed the book with force. I closed my eyes and sighed. Does this matter how hard I try, I WILL die? But no! It can't be! I don't have an heir yet! If I was going to die then why do I have a descendant? I let go of the book and started to walk away. I had enough. So much for peace of mind!
       Unfortunately, it didn't end there. The wind blew again. I heard the book open and the pages turn. NOW WHAT?! *Sigh*...I turned around and went back to the book, waiting for the pages to stop turning. It finally did. On the right side of the book there was a drawing of a gem attached to an iron lace. I recognized it again. It was the gem the demon was wearing. I read the text below.


       What?! THAT'S the philosopher's stone? Isn't that the same stone believed to be a cure all? The one that can create a human life form? Then why the hell is it with-of all the damned creatures-a demon? And could this mean that Homunculus…is linked with that-that demon? Or maybe worse…
       Though this is all very intriguing, it didn't make much sense. What does this got to do with me? Then the wind blew again. I watched as the pages shuffled and stopped. This time it was turned on an article.

       Demon Guardian- Demons who, for some reason, decide to abandon their legions are given the chance to live in service of God. Demon guardians are guardians who keep these demons tame. They are given the power over their guardling to make sure they disobey or break their oath. Should the demon decide to return to his evil ways, or the guardian cease to exist, Demon Vanquishers are sent to destroy the demon. This is the reason why most Demon Guardians are immortal.
       Depending on their Demon's Energy Level, a Demon Guardian's strength and case (Upper or Lower) varies, ranging from the most basic to the most complex combinations.

       I felt that strange feeling again. Somehow I can feel a connection, but I just couldn't get my fingers on it. What is this strange force trying to tell me?
       I felt the map in my hands. This is the answer. If I'm going to find and figure everything out, I have to get back to the castle. I'm ending this whole thing once and for all...even if I have to die trying!

Chapter 13

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