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New Samurai Shodown Toys!!!
by Irene and Patraw

Wanna scare your sister's date? Then the Gen-an doll is for you! Pull his string and hear his awful laugh, squeeze his belly and he'll emit a puff of foul, purple NO2 smoke! Comes with battery-operated shredder. Scare yourself, scare your friends!

The Earthquake doll, he eats all your other toys! BURP! But you better get more toys, cuz if you don't…. he'll eat something else…

Sogetsu! You can comb his long beautiful hair… Wow you can die it purple too! And he even wets himself!

Love that warm feeling of a little body in your arms? Hug the Kazuki doll and he explodes! Comes with two reusable fire extinguishers…

Amakusa…the prettiest doll of all. Play with his long, silky robes and makeup kit! Watch your friend's eyes go green with envy at the site of the most beautiful necromancer in the world…

Ever been caught cussing? Ever been threatened with a bar of soap? Well…no more worries, you can blame it on…MY BUDDY GENJURO! Yes, My Buddy Genjuro says five nasty sayings, including "!#%!#%#%%" and "!#^#^%%^@$!!!" He'll teach you how to cheat and gamble at cards and you'll be rolling in the benjamins!

Haohmaru, the drunken samurai - sure to embarrass you at those important tea gatherings. He comes with his own little sake jug that never gets empty! Watch as he teeters around the room and spews on your favorite dress.

My Baby Rimmy. Toilet train the little darling by filling her with water and sitting her on her plastic potty. Push her belly button and she really pees. But watch out, you gotta be quick… My baby Shizumaru sold separately.

Hideaway Hanzo! The doll you can never find - watch as he disappears in the shadows and never returns… Thrill to his nighttime assassination attempts on your pet hamster… Enjoy picking his plastic shuriken out of your toes in the morning…

The Galford Doggie Chew Toy. Don't forget Rover! This high quality rubber figure screams as your pooch rips into him.

Charlotte, the Pouty Princess! That gorgeous boy annoying you? Man problems got you down? Tell Charlotte, she always listens!

Nakoruru paper dolls. Made from 100% recycled paper, environmentally friendly! Dress her up in the latest two-dimensional fashions.

Samurai Shodown Jokes
by Brian Lui

What if you lose and Rimururu tries to console you?
It's "Cold comfort"!

What would you do if you wanted a sculpture of Genjuro?
You'd choose 'Bust' mode.

Why will Sogetsu never run out of cash?
Because he's always liquid!

Why would Charlotte make a good politician?
Because she could fence all the questions!

What if Rimururu was shooting hoops and missed?
It would be a 'Rim shot'!

When Hanzo goes bowling and wants to get a good score, why does he use big heads to bowl with?
Then he can strike heads!

What do you say when Galford misses you with his slash?
'You didn't make the cut!'

Why does Nakoruru get angry if you litter in the forests?
It's in her nature.

What if Kazama Kazuki and Rimururu went out together?
They'd be a thermocouple.

What do you call Rimmy playing spelling bee?
A cold spell.

If Ukyo slices your pet bird in half and blames it on 'unsatisfied customers', what did you get?
A budgie cut!

What happens to Rimururu on Thanksgiving?
She turns cold turkey.

What if Rimururu does a 14-slash combo on you?
You get cold cuts!

What if Rimururu fights a mirror match?
It's a cold war!

Top Ten Samurai Shodown Jokes
by C.K. Gan

10. Chicken can heal one's wound.

9. I have tried Webster and Oxford dictionaries, still can't find the word 'shodown'.

8. Can you eat chicken with your feet?

7. Have you ever tried to hit someone really hard with an umbrella and see some blood?

6. You learn this from English class: the first paragraph of your essay should always have the thesis statement, and the last paragraph of your essay is call the conclusion. No, actually, when you win a fight, you call that a 'conclusion'.

5. From Samurai Shodown 4 and jump to Samurai Shodown 64, they have skip 39 series total (it's 39 series missing, not 40 series missing, I'm very confident with my math).

4. Why Kuroko is not in SS4? Geez, I wonder how much the aliens get pay to abduct Kuroko.

3. Do you know why Ukyo has tons of apples? Since you probably know that he has TB, he eats apple, "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away".

2. The most popular question for the Samurai Shodown series is:
"Is Amakusa a guy?"

1. Hey remember to tell Haohmaru not to drink then drive.

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