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Amakusa Went Down to Edo
by Basara Kubikiri a.k.a. MechaAsura

Author`s notes:I can`t rhyme for my life, so don`t flame me. I don`t own any Charlie Daniels songs, so don`t sue me. A kata is a practice exercise, sometimes used for show.

Amakusa went down to Edo,
He was lookin` for a soul to steal,
He was in a bind, `cause he was way behind,
He was willing to make a deal.

When he came across this boy,
Training with all his heart,
And Amakusa walked over to him,
And said "Boy, let me tell you what"

"I guess you didn`t know it, but I am a fighter too,
And if you care,
To take a dare,
I`ll make a bet with you.
Now you swing a pretty good sword,
But give the Devil his due,
I`ll bet a sword of gold,
Against you soul,
`Cause I think I can kata better than you.

The boy said "Well my name`s Shizumaru,
And it might make no sense,
But I`ll take your bet,you`re gonna regret,
`Cause you can`t beat the kid!

Shizumaru raise your umberella and swing you sword hard,
`Cause hell`s broke loose in Edo,
And Amakusa deals the cards,
And if you win you get this shiny katana made of gold,
But if you lose, the sorcerer gets you sooooouuuuullll!

Amakusa summoned his orb,
And said "I`ll start this show",
And fire flew from his fingertips as he rose up his orb,
And it glowed and made an evil hiss,
Which summoned a band of demons,
Which played his background music,
While he did all sorts of magic tricks.

When Amakusa finished, Shizumaru said
"Well your pretty good, old son,
But you just have a seat,
And let me show you how it`s done!

When he was done,
Amakusa bowed his head for he knew that he`d been beat,
And he laid that golden sword on the ground at Shizumaru`s feet,
Shizumaru said "Amakusa, you just come back,
If you ever want to try again,
I done told you once, you son of a bitch,
I`m the best there`s ever been.

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