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Thank you everyone
It is because of all the support and contribution you guys contribute to this site that made a difference to Samurai Shodown Forever. Thank you!

Submission Faq

How to submit?
If you have anything to submit to this site, it's simple, just email me at webmaster@samuraispirits.net with the file attached. If you are writing editorials or reviews, you can send it in as an email message or you can also attach it with a separate .txt or .doc files if you wish.

What kind of stuff can I submit?
Currently, you can submit things to any of the sections that are mainly contributed by readers/visitors, such as the Fanart, Fanfic, Reviews, FAQ, Editorial, Winamp Skins, Wallpaper or even Jokes, Poem and others.

Can I submit any other things?
Yes, you can. For instance, there is currently no section for SS desktop themes, icons, icq skins, browser skins or other things you made that is SS related, but you can still submit it, and I'll create a section for it.

Do I have to meet certain requirment or quality for the things I submit?
No. You don't have to worry about whether your fanart is bad or whether you don't write good in a review. Every submission will be accepted. But no hentai(porn) fanart will be allowed. If you submit reviews or editorials, words like 'f**k' will be censored, but I do allow 'hell' or 'shit' in your writings. I try to keep this site for 14+ readers or visitors.

Your name, email address, or homepage address will be put on top of or beside whatever you submit. If you have a homepage address, please remember to tell me the address and the title of it. And if you wish your particulars such as email address not to be posted, please let me know.

Site Info

History of Samurai Shodown Forever
On Jan 1st, 1997, The page was originally called C.K.'s Samurai Shodown Page. The page originally has basically no info, whatsoever. There were only my crappy SS2 Ukyo Guide, my synopsis on the SS movie and a small page about SS4.

On April 4th, 1997, the page was changed totally and I called it 'Samurai Shodown Forever'. The page now has data on every single character that appeared in Samurai Shodown series(1, 2, 3 and 4). There are also a page about the SS news, SS FAQs, SS4, Link page and so on. Then this site became somewhat popular in only 3 months.

Purpose of Samurai Shodown Forever
When I first made 'Samurai Shodown Forever', I only wished to share my interest and love of SS to other fellow SS fans. But later, I realise what I'm doing is more worthwhile than I thought, and there are many people who like this site and want it to go on. Therefore, the whole purpose of this site is to get as many people to like SS and continue to like SS.

Linking to Samurai Shodown Forever
If you have a homepage, you can link to Samurai Shodown Forever. This page is link free, meaning you you can link to my site without asking for my permission. If you want to use logo, please use the logo below.
If you want to exchange links, please contact me. Please link to this address:

Webmaster Info

Did you say Samurai Shodown?
Hello, I'm C.K. and I have been maintaining this website ---'Samurai Shodown Forever' for more than 5 years already. Needless to say, I love SS and I'm the biggest fan of SS. I still remember the days I first played SS, and it was like just yesterday. And I continue to like SS day by day. Till today, I'm still trying to promote this game to everyone. That's like the whole point of maintaining this site, sharing SS with everyone and hope more people will like SS the same way I do.

Hmm...it's hard to tell you what kind of person I am. I think I am just the type of guy who appreciate everything. I tend to like everything I experience. If you have been visiting my site for a long time, you'll know that sometimes I like to talk funny(or I tried). I am kind of immature sometimes, and I like to stay that way. Well, I hope you guys enjoy my site and I hope that you'll like me too. If you want to know more about me, drop by the Message Board sometimes, okay? ^_^

About Me
Name: C.K. Gan
Birthdate: May 16, 1979
Sex: Male
Blood Type: AB
Living in: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Contact Me
If you have any question regarding SS, feel free to email me. I can't say I know everything about SS, but I know quite a lot. I am usually online, if you use ICQ, you can add me to your ICQ list too. You don't have to ask me for authorization. Just let me know that you are one of my site visitor, and I'll add you too.
Email: webmaster@samuraispirits.net
ICQ: 3738201

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