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Samurai Spirits; The Legend Continues
by Helen

Chapter 22-----Final Destination

the underworld is a terrifying sight. blood and corpses everywhere, rotting away slowly. all you can hear is the silent wind and the thunder flashing in the dark purple sky...
if there's dead body around here, so this was a world fill a life before Kojiro existed?
"...there it is!" said Rimururu, and point at that..thing not far away they all rush to see if it is Kojiro..
"......" Shizu looks up, surprised, and walks slowly to join his comrades
it's a huge egg! it's clinging on to the rocks and the other dead bodies around it..
there's something inside, beating..
"...is this.." whispers Kazuki
Shogun looks at it, "just like the legend.."
"......" Shizu didn't say anything
"oh? so that's it? THAT'S THE MIGHTY KOJIRO???" blinks Hoahmaru, "HA! i thought it would be a big bad monster!"
"don't underestimate it, Hoahmaru." said Jubei, and gets ready to fight, "this egg is what seals Kojiro inside and weakens him... but it will break any minute since the power of the Sacred Sages are gone. let's kill him now before it kills us..."
"right." nods Charlotte, and they all take their weapons out
the egg cracks!
the shell begins to break and melt away...
"...[gasps]" gasps Shizu, very surprised
they all back off..
[THUNDER] more and more lightning appears
[silent] 2 pair of red-eyes opens.. it shows great anger..
"........" Shizu trembles a little, but hold his ground
it's Kojiro. he looks like a human, except he's all pale, a long tail, and 2 pair of black wings.
[voom] he stretches his black wings..and swings his tail around...
then he looks around.
he can see a bunch of mortal humans with swords and katanas in their hands.. their face showing fear..
then Kojiro saw Shizumaru..
"....Shizumaru.." Kojiro whispers, in a gentle man's voice, "i knew you would come.."
Shizu aim his sword at Kojiro
".......you want to...fight me?" he whispers, then he slowly lands on the ground fill with blood, then he walks toward him...
everyone backs off except Shizu
"Kojiro.." whispers Shizu, trembles a little
"..it's been a long time since i have seen another human... another demon of my kind.." whispers Kojiro, "..too long.."
"why me Kojiro?! WHY DID YOU CHOOSE ME TO BE YOUR MESSENGER?! i want to be normal! I WANT TO SMILE, I WANT TO FEEL EMOTIONS BUT...." then Shizu shouted, "I'M NOT YOU! I DON'T WANT TO BE THE MESSENGER! i want to be a human. why do you have to destroy my life?! i want to feel..."
"you're a demon, fool." said Kojiro
"i was a human myself before.." whispers Kojiro, "and this place. it was once a world fill with life.."
then he said, "i was one of the Sacred Sages..."
"in the beginning of time, the first human were the Sacred Sages. i was one of them..and the world was once peaceful and nothing but life everywhere." said Kojiro, "but my powers as a Sacred Sage grew stronger and stronger mysteriously.... way beyond my control. so they sealed me away...FOREVER.." then Kojiro looks at his hands. his nails have grown into his skin and sharp as razors, his hand was very pale, "..i was sealed away for my powers...for something i didn't want and never planned to have for the rest of my life.." then his eyes shows anger, "...years gone by, no one came and help me. no one understood my feelings....all they think of me is a threat to the world. when i have done NOTHING...... yet."
Kojiro points at the dead bodies around them, "my power gave me the advantage to do what i want. i don't know how and why i got these powers..but it just grew inside of me. and my feelings and emotions disappears day by day... my body begins to change and my skin..but i didn't care anymore... the only thing i can feel inside of me was anger. true hatred that i never felt when i was a human being..." then he continues, "these bodies..all of them. i killed them all. my revenge on them....every single living thing in this world... all of them rot slowly and feel my pain even in their deaths.." he continues, "..but the Sacred Sages escaped. they escaped into another world, and sealed me in here. many of the Sages were killed trying to seal me away but not all. so for centuries...thousands of years...i was trapped inside of this world, waiting to be freed by my messenger, my blood descendant. each day my anger grew even more...more and more..my only wish..to terminate ALL Sacred Sages. wipe them out from the face of all worlds and to come to your world...and do what it's destined to happen.."
"...so you're saying..." whispers Rimururu, "our world...its destiny is to..DIE? to become just like this place..?? fill with rotting corpses??"
"your world is weak." said Kojiro, "only the strong survives. the weak must die.."
"no..." said Shizu
"you are strong, Shizumaru." said Kojiro, "return to me, your creator. we shall rule both worlds together and bring the world's destiny now!"
"......" Shizu lowers his head
"you don't have to be alone anymore, my son." said Kojiro, "these humans...THEY'RE WEAK! they are selfish... they all deserve what they get."
"....!!!!" Shizu gasps. his headache came back!! it hurts so much...
his body...inside of him..he knows he's changing right now...
he falls on his knees... and tries to catch his breathe...
"your powers are calling for you." said Kojiro, "accept your fate."
"Shizumaru..!!" gasps Rimururu.
"......!!!!" Shizu's eyes turn dark-red... then 2 pair of black wings begin to grow from his back... his hair begins to grow longer and spikier.. his teeth turns into fangs..
".....RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" screams Shizu, and stretches his wings apart..
"GODDAMN YOU!!" shouts Jubei, and attacks Kojiro
but missed.... where did Kojiro go?
"??!!" Jubei turns around, and sees the enemy. he attacks again..but Kojiro disappeared again..
"ha ha.." whispers Kojiro
then he apears behind Jubei's back, and hit Jubei's head with its tail.. [BOOM]
"AAAAAAHH..!!" Jubei spits out blood..
it almost crush his skull..
"GO POPPY!!" shouts Galford
"SHOGETSUZAN!!" shouts Hoahmaru, and attacks..
but missed..
Kojiro appears again, "fools. KILL THEM, SHIZUMARU."
they all turn to Shizu..who's still kneeling on the ground gasping for air..
"...Shizumaru..?" whispers Charlotte
"[GROWL!!]" Poppy growls fiercely at Shizu...
"........" Rimururu looks at him, then she slowly walk toward him..
"NO RIMURURU!!" shouts Jubei, and grab her..
"[GROWL!]" Poppy dashes off without Galford's command and attacks Shizu..!! Poppy didn't even hesitate and run straight toward Shizu, his fangs showing and growling fiercely...
Shizu slowly raises his head and turn to Poppy...
"[YELP!!]" Poppy trips and falls head-on to the ground without touching Shizu. it lays on the ground, lifeless. blood all over its fur..
"....!!!!" they all freak out
"POPPY!!" shouts Galford, and run to his dog's side
"....." everyone is speechless..
"..GODDAMNIT!" shouts Jubei and attacks Shizu, but Rimururu run up to him and get in his way..
"he's NOT Shizumaru anymore! he have changed to a demon just like Kojiro and Zankuro." said Jubei
"WAKE UP RIMURURU! he's not going to changed as a human again! if we don't kill him, HE'LL KILL US!" said Jubei, and push her out of the way Hanzo and Genjuro joins Jubei, and attacks Shizu
Kazuki, Charlotte, and Hoahmaru was about to join in too..
"WAIT!" Rimururu stops them, "NOT YOU GUYS TOO...! we..we can't fight Shizumaru! he's our friend!"
"...i'm sorry, Rimururu." said Kazuki, and joins Jubei..
"..WAIT KAZUKI!!" shouts Rimurur but too late. then she cries to Charlotte and Hoahmaru, "please not you two too! Hoahmaru-san, you were Shizu's master! how can you kill your own apprentice?!"
"..uhh Rimururu.." whispers Hoahmaru
"Jubei's got a point." said Charlotte, "Shizu..he's not himself anymore. and will never be again. he's on Kojiro's side now...and he is our friend but we have to save the world too. i wish there's other ways than to fight him but... i'm sorry, Rimururu."
"yea." said Hoahmaru, scratching his head, "i promise i will make this as painless as possible ok?"
then they left to join Jubei..
"...no..!!" cries Rimururu, but too late. she stays back and watch with Shogun.
Jubei tries to hit Shizu, but he blocked it all with his sword
Genjuro attacks and swings his blade at Shizu, but missed
then Kazuki and Charlotte tries to hit him but no use..
they all back off...
"YYYAAAAAHHH!!!" Jubei runs toward Shizu, and swing his swords at Shizu's head...
Shizu hold onto the swords with his bare heads...
".....grr.." Jubei uses all his strength to hit Shizu with his swords..
"......." Shizu's eyes are emotionless. he moved his hands on the sword a little tighter...
[CRACK] the swords breaks into pieces!
then Shizu flies RIGHT IN FRONT of Jubei.....
Jubei froze..
"..." Shizu's eyes shows a little anger..
[SLASH] his sword went right through Jubei's body..
"......aahh..." Jubei didn't move at all. Shizu remove his sword from him. then Jubei collapses to the ground.
"AAAHH DAMN YOU!!" shouts Kazuki, and attacks...
but Shizu missed them all without any problems
then he grab Kazuki's arm, and cut it off... [SLASH]
"!!!" Kazuki backs off, holding in the pain. Shizu flies toward him and attack [CLING] Galford saved him
"NOW!" shouts Charlotte, and use her best attack against Shizu..
then Genjuro..
then Galford..
everyone just jump on Shizu except Rimururu and Shogun.
"AAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!" shouts Kazuki, and use his fire attack..
there's dust everywhere...
everything start to get clear now..
"whatta...." whispers Hoahmaru, trying to catch his breathe
Shizu is still standing there, harmless only a few little cuts here and there. but nothing more..
then he flies straight toward to Genjuro and punch him right into the stomach... Genjuro got hit so bad...he collapses to the ground
Jubei saw his chance when Shizu's back is facing him..
"AAAAHH!!!" Jubei headlock Shizu (since his swords are broken. sounds like wrestling huh? lol ^_^)..
"heh" Jubei grins when Shizu struggles to get out from the headlock..
"........" Shizu stops. then suddenly he disappears!
"??!!" Jubei gasps
then Shizu appears again...
"BEHIND YOU JUBEI!!" shouts Charlotte
"!!" Jubei turn around..
too late..
[SLASH] Shizu's sword went through Jubei...
"........." Jubei stood there, silent. then he collapses to the ground..
"YOU BASTARD!!" shouts Hoahmaru, "SONGETSUZAN!!!"
it only hurts Shizu a little..
"GODDAMN YOU!" Hoahmaru attack Shizu like a crazed maniac. but he missed them all..
"WON'T YOU JUST....STAY..STILL!!!!" shouts Hoahmaru, and swing his sword down at Shizu...
[SLASH] blood splatter to the ground..
it's Shizu's.
Hoahmaru hits Shizu's scar..and it started to bleed again.. but he didn't care. it's like he lost all pain and feelings..
"...what..the hell..are you?!" freaks Hoahmaru
Shizu took his umbrella out and attacks Hoahmaru...
then Charlotte..
then Galford..
after everyone was down on their knees or laying on the ground wounded, Shizu stops. then the blood of his friends rains on his face and all....
he didn't even smile, nor blink..
"....." Rimururu is shocked. she run up to Charlotte. her armor is all cracked and broken, "CHARLOTTE..!! wake up!!!"
then she went to Galford's side, "GALFORD!!"
but no replies...
"...." Rimururu started to cry..
"weaklings." said Kojiro, "you there! yes, you little girl. you think tears will save your life now? your friends deserved what they get, every human deserve what they get! they put me away for years for a crime i never committed..now they shall all feel my pain...their descendants and their descendants and for generations!"
".....but Shizumaru isn't you." said Rimururu, "we aren't the same people who sealed you away years ago. they were our ancestors..not us."
then she said, "i'm deeply sorry if our ancestors have done such horrible things to you...and maybe they deserve to be punished for what they did to you. but..." then she whispers, "NOW IS NOW. now is the future. we didn't do anything to you...the children in our world...they are innocent. and..and.." then she went up to Shizumaru, "..Shizumaru, please...please i know you can still hear me.."
Shizu just stare at her, with no expressions in his face..
"please..stop this." said Rimururu, "you are not Kojiro. you are his descendant..you have nothing to do with this. it's your choice to do what you want..not Kojiro.." then she cries, "and..and don't you remmeber what you said? you want to save the world, you want to accomplish this task that Akane risked her life to finish...to seal away the evil and save our world from doom."
Shizu didn't reply..
"YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT!" shouts Rimururu, "you can't just forget about our journey together..all of us...to find the rich guy's daughter, to rescue Akane.. you can't just forget all what we have gone through! i know you can still hear me Shizumaru... please, stop this!"
"...." Shizu didn't do anything
"haha. he can't hear you." said Kojiro, "a demon will always be a demon, no matter how hard one will try and hide its true identity. finish her off, my son."
Shizu aim his sword at Rimururu...
"YOU ARE NOT A DEMON, Shizu. you are not Kojiro." said Rimururu, "you're not a bad demon. only you can control who you really are...only you can feel what you want to feel..."
"...." Shizu hesitates
"please Shizumaru..." whispers Rimururu, with her eyes closed, praying.. praying? Shizu is having flashbacks.... he remembers there was this girl praying at the altar...
he remmebers how she turn and look at him, smiling..
and his friends... Rimururu, Kazuki, Galford..everyone fighting with him side by side..
"......" Shizu froze. and trembles a little..
"KILL HER." said Kojiro
then Shizu blinks and aim the sword higher, ready to stab her..
suddenly, something fell out from his pocket.. [clank] it's Akane's pendant
"...huh.." whispers Shizu, and pick up the pendant from the ground, "..this..."
"it was Akane's pendant, remember? the girl..you loved.." whispers Rimururu ".....Akane.." whispers Shizu, then he started to gain consciousness, "Akane." then Shizu's face begin to show a confused expression, ".. friends.. our world... Sacred Sages.."
then he looks at Rimururu, "my friend, Rimururu."
"...[gasps] yes..! it's me, Shizu." smiles Rimururu, as tears roll down from her eyes
"...aaah.." he whispers, and shakes his head a little, "huh?"
he saw blood on his hands. then he look around...
Hoahmaru and the others are all bleeding and wounded seriously..
"!!!" Shizu backs off, very shocked, "..i....i...."
"they deserve it." said Kojiro, "we are the same, Shizumaru. we're both being judged by people like them... like her. kill her now."
Shizu hold onto his sword..
"you've been judged and being alone all your life.." whispers Kojiro, "you don't have to be alone anymore. you can be with me, your own blood, your own kind. you are a warrior..and the STRONG SURVIVES, THE WEAK DIES.."
"........." Shizu lowers his head, and hesitates
then he disappears..
and appears in front of Kojiro and stab Kojiro..
"....." Kojiro falls on his knees..
"..i'm sorry..father.." whispers Shizu, and pull out his sword from Kojiro's body as green blood slowly drips from his sword..
Shogun walks up to Kojiro...and grins a little...
"Shizumaru!" smiles Rimururu
Shizu turn around and run up to her, and gave her a hug, "are you ok?"
"..i'm aight." smiles Rimururu, "but our friends.."
"i know. we must bring them to the doc as soon as we can.." whispers Shizu, then he turn to Rimururu, "i'm so sorry, Rimururu.. but i want you to do one thing for me before we go back to our world.."
"...what is it?"
"..i want you to...what????" Shizu gasps. he quickly pull out his sword and turn around..
all Rimurur saw is Kojiro on the ground..lifeless..
"what's wrong.." she whispers
"..Kojiro is still..." whispers Shizu. he saw Shogun standing in front of Kojiro's body, "..SHOGUN!! GET AWAY FROM THERE!!"
"HA...HA....HA..." Shogun laughs
Shogun touches Kojiro's body. Kojiro melts into a weird liquid and slowly cover Shogun's body...
"yes....yess.." whispers Shogun, his voice changing deeper and deeper,
"..finally..my plan to unite with Kojiro..the power..ha..ha.."
"[GASPS]" gasps Rimururu
Shogun begin to turn into a huge pale demon, with only 1 wing on its left side.. his eyes turning from black to dark green..
"...." Shizu took the last look at the pendant, then he put it in his pocket. then he give his sword to Rimururu, "this sword is strong enough to kill Shogun..but it won't be easy because Kojiro and him are combined together.."
"..what should we do?" said Rimururu, and took his sword
"now it's time for you to fullfill that promise." said Shizu, "..i'll hold Shogun as long as i can...while he's defenseless...i want you to stab this sword as deep as you can through his chest.."
"but..!! then it will go through you..!! i won't do it!!"
"JUST DO IT!!" said Shizu, "it's either this or everyone dies!"
"[smile]" he smiles, "i'll be ok. don't worry about me. it's time for all this to end.."
then he backs off slowly..smiling at her. then he turn to face Shogun, and gets serious..
Shizu closes his eyes, and disappears...
then suddenly he appears behind Shogun's back, and hold onto Shogun's arms.. Rimururu walks up to them...her hands trembling..
"[ROAR!!!]" Shogun tries to shake Shizu off, but can't
"..grr....DO IT!!!!!" shouts Shizu, "i can't hold on much longer...DO IT RIMURURU!!"
"..i can't..! i loved you so much.."
"......" Shizu didn't say anything, then he whispers, "..Rimururu, if you love me, let me go."
"this is the only way you can set me free.."
"......" Rimururu lowers her head
"[ROAR!!!]" Shogun roars louder
"Rimururu.." whispers Shizu
"....goodbye, Shizumaru." whispers Rimururu, and stab Shogun with his sword... but Shogun's chest is covered with some armor..!
"...aaahh!!" Rimururu pushes the sword harder into his chest....
"[ROAR!!]" roars Shogun, crying in pain
"..YYAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" shouts Rimururu, pushing the sword even deeper and deeper...
"!!!!!" Shizu spits blood out from his mouth..
"[ROARR!!!!!]" Shogun finally shakes off Shizu from his back..
Shizu falls on the ground..
Rimururu backs off
"...WHY..." Kojiro's voice in the background, "..WHY DID YOU TURN AGAINST YOUR OWN KIND? WHY HELP THESE WEAK HUMANS....WHY???!!"
the prophet begins to disappear into thin air...
Shizu opens his eyes a little..
his dark glow in his eyes disappeared..
then he smiles, "..[sighs]"
and closes his eyes again..

Chapter 23-----Another New Beginning

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