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Shards of Fate
by Ukyo Mishima
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Chapter 10

March 2, 1790 - 17:50:02

       Finally...I'm at the foot of the towering monument of the dark world. In front of me were two very large gates. I couldn't possibly-
       A swift blade passed me from above the gates almost hit me if it hadn't been for my quick reflexes. A black, shadowy figure suddenly appeared before me, his pale face and red eyes filled with disgust as he stared at me like a mad man.
"Well, well, what do we have here? Another puppet trying to kill me. Really, Asura, haven't you learned from Shiki-san that-"
       He dashed forward and attacked with his sword. His blade met mine as we clashed. He seemed so...furious with me...
"My, my, temper temper!"
       He pushed his blade harder. He was strong. I jumped off, breaking the sword clash. No sooner than I had my two feet on the ground when he appeared right before me, swiping his sword madly.
"Hiken TsubameGaeshi!"
       30%+ damage taken for counter attack, thank you. His blazing body skid off the ground. I watched as he slowly got up. Something's not right...
"Asura...I expected better of you..."
       He thrust his sword to the ground for support as he was tried to stand up. He stumbled back down, kneeling, holding the hilt tightly as he laid his head on his arms. He breathed heavily.
"What's wrong with you? That was the most boring-"
       The shattered sleeves fell down his arms and that's when I saw what was causing his weakness: It was a holy binding wrapped around his arm. Then he looked up a little at me with only his red eyes visible.
       "See? Do you see what the master has done to me because of you?!"
"Me?! I never did anything to you!"
       "It's ironic...the master has gone mad! Never...he can never..."
       The binding emitted an evil red glow. He moaned softly. It must be draining him of his power.
       "I one...not one of our kind listened...not even...Shiki...oh my God Shiki!"
"What are you talking about? Why is Shiki trying to kill me-?"
       He lifted his head and stared at me. Then he let out an evil cackle. His sinister laugh was chilling. He kept laughing as he slowly got up, gripping the binding on his arm.
       "Shiki...Shiki never tried to the c-contrary...she's been trying to save you all this time..."
       My head spun. H-how can it be? Didn't she try to kill me earlier this day?!
"Liar! I saw her cursing the earth to open so that I'd fall into the chasm as I pass-"
       "That was my doing..."
       "I...I invoked the curse...she tried to remove it...when...when she couldn't...she released it for-for you t-to see!"
"...were you-?"
       " Yes, I was also…the one…who tried to kill you…in the inn…how on earth…did you…ugh…"
       I was surprised. I didn't expect that answer.
"But why?! Why are you trying to kill me then? And why is she saving me?! What is going on that I do not know?!"
       " will be the end of us all! You must die!!!"
       He dashed forward towards me again. I stood there with anticipation of the battle. Then suddenly, from the top of the gates-
       -Two thick, red energy steaks pierced through Asura from his back. I watched in horror as he stumbled to the ground, holding the steaks, moaning in agony. They drank from his very life force. I heard a sweet giggle of triumph. I looked up to find Shiki watching us from above, grinning at us. When she noticed I had my eyes fixed on her (NOT on her well-rounded bosoms), she suddenly disappeared. I stood there, motionless for a while when I heard Asura's soft moan. The steaks were gone, but they had drained him of every bit of energy. He had so little left. For some reasons, I was moved. Though he tried to kill me, I had the feeling he wasn't doing it for himself or his master. Besides, he was never successful and he might know something of utter importance. I knelt and laid his dying body on my knees. He opened his eyes slowly as I tried to call him back.
       "You...I'm just as try…fate...fate abhors...the existence...of...a paradox..."
"Fate...What do you know about fate?! Tell me something please!"
       He took my hand and gave me a silver necklace. The ornament on the center had a strange symbol on it. He tried hard to utter his last words.
       "This...this is...yours...The answers…castle…go…I ask you one last...ulk...favor. her you have done yourself. Save her...from...eternal damnation..."
       With those last words, his grip loosened. I felt his cold hand slide down my palm. He was dead...truly dead. I laid him gently on the earth. As I stood up, his body began to turn into black feathers that suddenly scattered and flew away. As the black feathers dispersed into the air, I saw something on the ground. I picked it up.
       I was taken aback when I realized what it was. It was a card. A tarot card…On it was the Lover's symbol.

Chapter 11

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