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Shards of Fate
by Ukyo Mishima
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Chapter 11

Part 1
March 2, 1790 - 18:10:42

       It took me a while to realize that I was motionless for about a minute or so. I had better move on. I'll find the answers soon enough, Asura said so. Just when I was about to enter-
"Oh no, now what?"
       The Digipad was glowing. But I'm not dead!
       "I never said you HAVE to die for it to work. I hope I didn't give you THAT impression."
       I quickly turned to see it was only-
"Oh,...Homunculus. Whew…Mind not popping around out of nowhere like that? I'll die of heart failure before my TB kills me!"
       He chuckled again.
       "That's an interesting card you have there."
"Oh this? Here, want to-"
       He backed off, shielding his face from the card as if it was a sharp dagger I was about to thrust.
       "Oh please, keep it away from me. I don't like the symbol on the card."
       I was holding it with the Lover's symbol facing me. I looked at it, wondering what he was afraid of. I flipped it and found that the back had a red pentagram on the center.
"You don't like this symbol? You're a really strange thing..."
       "Perhaps...But in any case, I just dropped by to see how well you're doing. It seems you're doing well, you escaped one death and found out a few details too."
"But I'm still confused!"
       "That's why you should go on with your journey. But I advice you to do as the Digipad asks of you. You might just be grateful to me...Goodbye."
       What? Huh?!

Part 2
September 20, 1764 - 09:40:25

       You had better believe it...
"My God...I'm-I'm home!"
       Well, 26 years ago anyway. I can't believe it! I suddenly felt a strange longing within me. How I wanted to stay! The air, the land...everything was fertile, peaceful...demonless. That's what was probably the best thing-
       "Out of my way!"
       Stupid bald headed jerk...Wait…I just realized many people were flocking somewhere near...OUR HOUSE!
       "Oh thank the heavens!"
       "Is he alright?!"
       Strange...I had a funny haunch about this. My mother told something about this when I was a child. She teased me when a group of girls giggled as I passed them one day (THAT is not the subject), telling me that from the very day of my birth I was already a show.
       With my cloak on again (I finally understand why Homunculus wanted me to do so), I approached carefully. I squeezed into the crowd. I heard the crowd as they talked and talked and talked about what happened.
       "Where was he found?"
       "Near the well."
       "Silly girl! You weren't watchful enough! Letting yourself get knocked out like that! Everyone entrusted the child to you because they were so busy trying to save the mother! What do you do? You step out of the room and get a lump on your head! Goodness! The parents hadn't even seen the poor boy! No one has! Imagine how her heart would break if she found out her boy was kidnapped!"
       KIDANAPPED?! I was kidnapped?
       "But th-that man! He was no ordinary man! He was so fast, I didn't even notice him! I just-I-I..."
       "Let's just be thankful they found him safe and sound!"
       "How sure are they that THAT is the child?!"
       "Silly, no one else is giving birth today! Where did you leave your brain?"
       I finally got through the front of our house. There, inside the well lit room, lying on the mattress was my mother. My father as kneeling beside her and a few women were also attending to her. She might look tired, but she was still utterly beautiful. How I longed for a hug...I miss her. *sigh*
       A man approached them and gave them what looked like a bundle of wraps.
       " baby..."
       She gently opened the wraps. The baby let out a cry. Then her eyes widened. What?! WHAT?!
       "Oh my..."
       "My goodness...he's lovely...he's got blue hair!"
       Everyone started buzzing.
       "You think she-"
       I'm sorry, but I couldn't help myself. My father also had a strange expression on his face. My mother also looked worried. Then she smiled and whispered something to him. He smiled too.
       "People! Please hear me out. We thank all for your kind hearts. We are glad to have our child back, we are forever grateful. But most of all I'd like to thank the gods for bestowing upon us such a lovely and gifted child. He is like no other you have seen. We are more than happy to have him for a son. They have truly blessed us. Now please, we would like some peace. My dear wife is tired."
       Whew...Well, I admit that was a great work of poetry (Now I know where I got poetic style). People began mumbling again in approval as my mother cradled me and filled me with kisses. This is too much! Father slowly closed the sliding doors and the people went away.
       Er-wait...what does this have to do with anything?! Either Homunculus was just buttering me up, or he's trying to take my mind off things. Well, I have to thank him either ways. It surely took the tension building within me for a while.

Chapter 12

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